Review Fix’s 2011 Top Ten WWE Power Rankings

2011 was certainly a mixed year of WWE goodness. Several Superstars and Divas made tremendous strides, while others were forgotten about all together.

Here’s our list of performers who stood out the most.

10: Cody Rhodes: He still needs work on the microphone, but he’s a talented performer that’s had a few damn good matches this year. A heel that is truly hated, some of the other baddies could learn a thing or two from him.

9: Kharma: Before she left the company to have a child, Kharma was easily the most interesting thing to happen to female wrestling in the WWE in years.

8: R-Truth: His heel turn was the best thing for his career. The tag team he formed with The Miz could have been so much cooler, but the eventual feud between the two should be entertaining.

7: Sheamus: He was forgotten about for a few months, but came on strong towards the end. The most-over performer in the WWE without a title, Sheamus is a fan favorite with plenty of promise. He just needs a tan.

6: Mark Henry: He had a solid run with the World Title and has firmly cemented his presence on the roster after 15 years of toiling in mediocrity.

5: The Miz: Even if you hate him, it’s hard to deny his talent. Really? Yes, really. The guy can work in the ring and deliver on the microphone. Although it appears he won’t be WWE champion again for quite sometime, he doesn’t need a prop to prove to anyone how good he is.

4: Daniel Bryan: It took a bit longer than some expected, but Bryan finally has the respect in the WWE he got everywhere else. His reign as World Champion, regardless of how long it is, is a success for independent wrestlers worldwide.

3: Zack Ryder: The guy is fun to watch, but his show on Youtube is hilarious. Between that and how crazy over he’s gotten over the past few months as well as his recent capturing of the United States Heavyweight Championship, he’s one of the hottest performers in the industry right now.

2: John Cena: As long as there’s a WWE with him in it, this guy is going to be at the forefront of everything. While he’s out of the WWE title picture right now, his promos with the Rock got many people interested in wrestling again.

1: CM Punk: The man that made “pipe bomb” a household name. Channeling greats the likes of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Roddy Piper, Raven and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, with a technical and hard working style, Punk represents the type of performer that pushes the envelope. He’s the rebel in this era, but one that hardcore fans look to when they want to remember the past. He’s got it all.

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