Beavis and Butthead Weekly Recap: Asses and Copy Machines

Copiers are no match for Beavis’ butt and Beavis is looks like he’s on drugs. It’s all about Beavis this week on “Beavis and Butthead.”

On the first episode about Beavis’s misadventures called “Copy Machine,” our anti-heroes are told by everyone’s favorite drill sergeant turned PE teacher, Buzzcut, to make copies of self-esteem worksheets. He also tells Beavis to not make copies of his butt. He does repeat it to himself, but all it takes is Butthead to tell him to do it and he does it-and gets stuck in the machine.

Now here’s the funny part of the episode: who’s worried about Beavis? Not the teachers, not Butthead, not the repair guy, but the firemen. Hell, not even us the viewers are worried that Beavis may die. Why? Beavis has “died” many times before so it’s not that big of a deal that he’s trapped in a copier. All it took was for Butthead to press the copy button to free Beavis and everything was OK. Of course, Beavis wants to see what his butt looks like with stitches so he jumps on the copier again and breaks it. Not a bad episode, but it needed more Buzzcut. He can be really funny if used properly. Here he was barely used. Also, it seems the newscaster is Judge’s new favorite character because he’s appeared in almost every episode so far.

In “Holding,” two dug addicts see B&B in front of the Maxi Mart and think they have drugs because Beavis is squinting wildly because Butthead sprayed a entire can of energy drink into his face. They take them along because they want to make a deal at their house. Now, Beavis has been called a lot of things, but a drug user is a first. But, look at him and listen to him; he looks and sounds like he might be doing something. There isn’t much to the episode except Beavis and Butthead get taken into police custody again. Not much of an episode, could have used some more meat to make it better.

The Jersey Shore skit, the highlight of the new B&B series, is short and a disappointment this week. The only funny parts were Butthead telling Beavis to get a lawyer once he finds out here’s a “law of intelligence” and “you can just throw anything at these guidos and they’ll do something with it,” referring to Gina rolling around in a box.

Overall, it was an OK week with a disappointing Jersey Shore skit. Beavis and Butthead are the best duo to riff Jersey Shore and this week they did a horrible job of it. Judge needs to stay consistent with the quality of his humor and give his fans Beavis and Butthead episodes that are off the walls wild.

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