The Strain #3 Review: Get to the Coffin Already

It’s vampires and gore galore in issue three of the comic book adaptation of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s “The Strain.” The second issue left fans with something to be desired so issue three has a big void to fill. Does it fulfill its job?

After a disappointing second issue, issue three makes up for it by adding what we’ve all be wanting to see from the beginning: vampires running wild. We get a vast variety of vampires in this comic ranging from a big fat vampire who spouts some kind of slimy weapon from his mouth to a little girl who is being kept by her father. Other than that there isn’t much else to the story besides Abraham finally meeting with Ephraim and telling him about the situation. That’s all we see of Abraham, though. He needs more screen time. We still don’t see the coffin but, hey, at least we now see the vampires running amok in New York.

We also see the guy in charge of transporting the coffin and he’s still as boring as ever. He does get a good fight in, though so that should account for something. Although that something is not enough to make readers care about this character, less remember what his name is.

The artwork is still all over the place. There are times where it’s good, especially with the vampire designs and the parts where it’s dark. Other times it looks way too goofy and cartoony. That’s the series’ biggest weakness. There is no consistent art style and the cartoony style makes what’s supposed to be a scary story look goofy.

While the third issue of this series is an improvement over the second, thanks to some vampire action with a variety of them, the artwork still needs work. Plus, we still don’t get to see what’s in the coffin just yet. However, the story is moving along nicely and this wait is an intriguing one.

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