Sensory Distortion Review: A Psychedelic Stoner Adventure Comes Alive

Bleeding Ink Comics’ “Sensory Distortion” would make an awesome independent horror flick, but it makes an even better indie comic. One part “Evil Dead,” with a hint of “Troll Hunter” and “Scooby Doo,” it’s an engaging combination of gore, mystery and suspense.

The whole script feels borrowed- but never stolen- from classic ’80s horror flicks. Group of friends take a trip, get wasted- nothing bad is going to happen here, right? Although you’ll see the disaster coming, the way it all goes down is cool and makes some of the predictable plot points easily stomach-able.

The biggest problem in the trade is the predictable dialogue. While Jesse Grillo’s story is entertaining, anyone who’s enjoyed a Sam Raimi B-horror will almost be able to recite the dialogue verbatim. It’s not detrimental to the books success; it just robs some of the more creative possibilities with in.

What helps relieve this hiccup is the art. Full of color, the visuals by David Brame and Heather Breckel are insane. The feeling of being trapped within your own experiences, in a drug-induced haze, are absolutely captured. The fight or flight moments also provide perfect conflict and get the most out of the dialogue. Unlike many other independent comics, where writer and artist try to simply manage the highs and lows, the team here work well to maintain a constant feeling- this book has a clear identity in nearly every facet. Rather than show off or try to stretch itself too far, it controls itself and maintains your attention. Plain and simple, this team knows exactly what this trade was supposed to be. That’s why it ends up being exactly what it was supposed to be.

Digitally, the comic is beautiful on an iPad. The colors totally “pop.” By itself, the art makes this trade a perfect one for any comic book readers’ change of pace selection.

Bleeding Ink may be a comic book company you’ve never heard of, but “Sensory Distortion” is proof that they have potential.

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