WWE RAW Coverage: A Big Show Indeed

Big Show walked to the ring on Monday looking nothing like the big, goofy giant that had been relegated to Smackdown! for the past few years. It’s amazing what a tailored suit can do for someone, if when they’re seven feet tall and four hundred pounds. Show smiled at the arena audience, crediting his “iron clad contract” and “big, fat bonus” for his recent happiness, while telling them that it is their fault that he ever lost that feeling.

In what is easily one of the Promos of the Year candidates, Show eloquently shouldered all of the blame of his firing, embarrassment and suffering on the fans, the wrestlers in the back, and most especially John Cena.

In a move that would make any public speaking teacher happy, Show ended his speech by circling to the beginning. At No Way Out, Show promised to make Cena feel the same suffering and embarrassment, which would certainly put a smile on Big Show’s face.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella: Del Rio finished of Santino with an arm bar in quick fashion. This match has no place on the card, as Del Rio is already the Number One Contender for the WHC, and therefore in no need of going over an established champion. This match makes the US strap look weaker than it already is.

Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vikki Guerrero vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth: Great tag team bout, with Kingston and Truth pulling off a good number of double-team maneuvers. After losing the match, Ziggler seems fed up; leaving Vickie and Swagger in the ring as he stormed up the ramp. Hopefully, Dolph can transition away from Vickie.

Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Champion CM Punk: Yet another wonderful match from these two, which is to be expected but always, manages to surprise. Bryan works over Punk’s left arm for match of the match, while Jerry Lawler commented that “if you know the move, you probably know the counter as well,” most likely to the chagrin of the suspended Chris Jericho. AJ plays up her recent infatuation with Punk, but distracts the ref; allowing Bryan to expose a turnbuckle, which he then drove Punk’s head into, getting the roll up win. After the match, Kane attacks Bryan with a chair, and then turns his attention to Punk. AJ slides Punk a chair, which he used to beat Kane out of the ring.

The Miz vs. Christian: A step up from the two squashes the Christian has been fed since his IC Title win. The highlight of the match was Cody Rhodes’ commentary, as he has quickly become a top heel on the mic. After the commercial, Miz pulls an old-school Christian style promo, complaining about a lack of respect and his deserving of a championship match. Randy Orton comes out and RKO’s Miz. Why?…Exactly.

Otunga vs. Sheamus: Sheamus did not apologize to Mr. Laurinaitis, therefore he’s put in a match with Otunga. The match stands only to cement the fact the Sheamus’ “Celtic Cross” is now called “White Noise,” which might be the third or fourth change to Sheamus’ finisher since his debut.

Brodus Clay vs. Big Show: Show calls out Clay for being an embarrassment night in and night out, and compares him to Doink the Clown but lacking the talent. The match never gets under way, as Show lays waste to Clay, the announce table, Kofi and Truth (who come to make a save, for some reason). Truth gets laid out, Kingston takes a great bump through the barrier, and Clay gets hit with the WMD.

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