Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Clemenenza’s Day Out or 50 Shades of Gray?

Don’t squeeze out of that new bikini or new summer dress just yet, Hell’s Kitchen’s fashion show is still heating up and Gordon Ramsey still has a few F bombs to drop on unsuspecting chefs.

Where the last episode left off, Clemenza started four scallop dishes before Ramsey told anyone to start doing anything. This was just the beginning of Clemenza’s bad night.

The way this dinner service played out was there would be a mini fashion show followed by a course. So it’s show-course-show-course-show-course. Simple enough-if the men contestants could stop getting distracted by the models. Kimmie put it best by saying, “I definitely could pick them up and probably, like, snap them in half with one hand.”

Back to the cooking portion of the show, Barbie and Tiffany still can’t get along. They overcook scallops and this time it’s not Barbie’s fault. Tiffany says “I don’t know” after Ramsey asked who cooked them. That wasen’t the only problem the Red Team had. Robyn wanted to help out Christina and Dana but they did not want any of it. After the second show, Ramsey asked Barbie what the first three tables ordered. She couldn’t remember how many portions of swordfish and squab.

The worst is when Robyn overcooks her beef and realizes there’s no more beef in the Red kitchen. Her plan? Ask the Blue Team. The only member to who attempted to go (and failed) was Christina. Ramsey had a field day when Robyn told him her plan.

On the Blue Team it was all Clemenza and a mountain of fish. First he had to deal with sixteen orders of scallops at once. You can’t blame the guy for being flustered and even with Guy’s help who burns some scallops. That’s way too many scallops for one person to handle at once. Brian decided to help and scallops left the kitchen. Later it was his swordfish, a dish that was chosen for the night, that he overcooks. Not to mention at the end of service he had eleven cooked swordfish leftover that Ramsey found. It may have been Royce’s fault for telling Clemenza to make “16+1” swordfish.

In the end, the Red Team won and the Blue had to choose two for elimination. They chose Clemenza and Guy because this was the second time he messed up (he was preoccupied by the models and his meat got burned so badly it got stuck in the pan.) It looked like Clemenza was going home, but Guy got sent home instead.

Guy getting sent home was a wise choice. Clemenza only had one bad service and this was it. Those scallops and swordfish were really not his fault. He was overwhelmed by scallops and was told the wrong amount of swordfish. Guy just had his head in the clouds. Clemenza seems like the clear winner at this point. The Red Team at this point is wreak and is only going to go downhill from here.

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