Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Rollin’ the Dice

Roll that giant dice and get your times correct because this week’s Hell’s Kitchen is going to Vegas baby.

When the chefs arrived in the dining room in the morning they found a craps table along giant dice with letters on them. The challenge is each chef must roll the die and choose an ingredient that corresponds with the letter that came up. After all members of the team had chosen an ingredient the team must make one dish using all the ingredients.

The Blue Team chose some rather odd ingredients: heirloom tomatoes, daikon, dragon fruit, edamame and chicken. Dana said the Blue Team can make “a pretty nice salad.”

The Red Team chose chicory, lamb, turnip, brussel sprouts and truffle.

The Red Team seemed like they could make a more realistic dish while the Blue could make some kind of mess. The Red made an herb crusted rack of lamb with crispy roasted sprouts. The Blue team managed to make a charred chicken roulade with dragon fruit vinaigrette, edamame puree and a daikon sushi roll. Both dishes turned out great except the Blue’s chicken was slightly overcooked and the Red’s Brussels sprouts were crunchy.

The Blue won the challenge and spent the next 24 hours in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel. Obviously, Ramsey spared no expense and they lived it up in their hotel suite. Royce seemed more interested in the girls who were serving them than all the food though. They also spent some time with Carrot Top who gave them a special chef’s hat with a riot shield.

As for the Red team, they had to slow roast an entire pig for a pulled pork dish that appeared on the next dinner service. Tiffany loved the pig a bit too much. In fact, it was just a bit creepy. Suffice to say, the Red Team had very little to no sleep because Ramsey installed a loud and annoying alarm that goes off every hour to tell the Red Team to check the pig. They were zombies come morning.

At dinner service each team once again had VIPs at the chef’s tables. The Blue had American Idol season nine winner Lee DeWyze and Season 10 finalist Haley Reinhart. The Red team had soccer star David Beckham and his son. The Red were excited because Becham is “smoking hot.”

As usual, there were bumps on each team.

The Red Team had a near perfect service. They started off with Dana burning Becham’s pulled pork pizza. Christina made it instead and Tiffany sent up cod instead of sea bass twice.

The Blue Team, however, was a disaster. Clemenza started off with raw scallops even after he made a few dozen perfect ones a few episodes back and Brian broke a pizza on appetizers. On entrees, Royce cooked three wellingtons three different ways and  kept giving Ramsey totally different and outrageous times on his meats. This caused Ramsey to gather the Blue in the back for a pep talk which left Robyn all by herself. She was understandably overwhelmed.

After the Blue failed to bring out one entrée Ramsey had no other choice but to call the Red into the Blue kitchen to help the Blue. With their help the Blue finally finished service.

At elimination the Blue nominated Royce and Clemenza with Royce being eliminated.

What’s going on with the Blue team? They can’t seem to finish a dinner service. It’s a good thing Royce was eliminated; he made way too many mistakes. At this point there should not be any mistakes by anyone.

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