WWE Raw Power Rankings: You Broke His Arm!

A great primer episode of Monday Night RAW this week exposed a few clear favorites for Summerslam this weekend.

With that, Review Fix shares their thoughts on who made the biggest impressions going into one of the promotion’s biggest pay per views.

5: Prime Time Players: With Kofi Kingston overseas, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil took advantage of an opportunity to take out R-Truth and they did. Then they danced a bit. Are they the new Hardy Boys or Dudley Boys? Of course not, but at least they’re a real team. That’s enough for now.

4: Chris Jericho: He lost his match on Monday, but his segment in Piper’s Pit was vintage Jericho. Even during the match he was solid and the fans cheered. Yes, the same guy they booed for months after the creative debacle that was his last comeback was getting cheered. At this moment, Dolph Ziggler, Jericho’s opponent for Summerslam, is hated, while Jericho is loved. This could be a great opportunity for Jericho to put over Ziggler, giving the company another reputable heel.

3: Sin Cara: After a year of wasting away in the mid-card, this may have been the biggest win of Cara’s WWE career. Tensai is a veteran performer, but it’s apparent the WWE Universe is bored of his antics. And poor Sakamoto, that guys sells more than anyone in the company right now. With his feud with Cody Rhodes and this win, Cara is riding as high as he ever has with the company.

2: CM Punk: His feud with John Cena appeared over, well, boring, but by the end of RAW, it was apparent it was heating up again. Cena’s refusing to shake Punk’s hand makes it that much easier for Punk to continue his heel turn. Regardless, the fans love him, evidenced by the cheers during the opening match of RAW this week.

1: Brock Lesnar: What an amazing segment. Paul Heyman worked it even more, repeating “Oh my god, you broke his arm.” The look on Lesnar’s face, the tension in the air, Shawn Michaels’ wailing, Triple H’s mannerisms, this segment was put together beautifully. This should be the main event for the pay per view, regardless of the WWE championship match. It has the drama, intrigue and matchup every pay per view needs in order to sell.

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