WWE Smackdown: Before the Summer Slam

Three days before Summerslam, there was still no World Heavyweight Championship match planned for the PPV as people tuned into Smackdown, the go-home show.

There was no excuse for that.

Nevertheless, this show would solve that dilemma, but the fact that it had to go this far to do it is pathetic.


Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. The Miz/Cody Rhodes: This match was worth it just to see Sin Cara and Mysterio team up. The luchadors led the action in a short match. Sin Cara took Miz over the ropes with a clothesline and hung on. Rhodes ran over and attempted to unmask Sin Cara as he leaned over the second rope, which is never a good thing to do around Mysterio Mysterio hit the 6-1-9 on Rhodes and splashed on him from the top rope to get the 1-2-3. After the match, Miz charged at Mysterio, but also ended up on the second rope and ate a 6-1-9. Mysterio picked up the Intercontinental Championship on the floor and the crowd popped. Good hype.

Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins vs. Two Unnamed Talents: Before the match, Reks and Hawkins took part in the worst dance routine/strip-tease in history. No, really. Not to mention, the duo competed in their underwear. This was more “show” than “tell.” Reks scored the pinfall after a Double-Team Pump-Handle Slam.

Eve vs. Kaitlyn: Michael Cole might’ve been the only person excited to see this matchup. Anyways, the two squared off as the winner would become Booker T’s new GM Assistant. Eve drove Kaitlyn down to the canvas from the top turnbuckle and then hit her with a Snap Suplex to score the pin. Could’ve seen that from a country away.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan: Good call by Creative to finally let these two go. It was all about “anger management.” Bryan targeted Orton’s leg as he looked to systematically take down the Viper. He also targeted the crowd as they mocked him with “Yes!” chants, which distracted him. Orton hit his Second-Rope DDT from the turnbuckle and gestured for the RKO. As Bryan got to his feet, he countered the RKO into the No-Lock. Pyro went off from the turnbuckles and the red lights shined down as Kane’s music played. This unnerved Bryan, who exited the ring. Once the music stopped and the lights came back on, he went back into the ring, only to find an RKO waiting for him. 1-2-3. Kane stood on the ramp as Bryan laid on the outside. Great TV bout.

Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana) vs. Zack Ryder: Santino delivered Commentary at ringside. Cesaro called Santino a “loser.” Ryder stuck in a minute of offense, but it was all Cesaro. He hit Ryder with a European Upper-Cut followed by the Neutralizer to get the win. Afterwards, he walked over to Santino at ringside and shoved him. Santino walked back over to Cesaro only to get shoved over the announce table this time. More good hype.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho: Del Rio was in the ring as he waited for Jericho. Ziggler attacked Jericho backstage and left him lying. Del Rio considered it a forfeit win and asked for the Summerslam Title Match to be put back on. Jericho’s music hit and he staggered his way to the ring. The two exchanged blows and hit some power moves. Jericho almost had the Walls of Jericho locked in, but Del Rio kicked out of it, which sent Jericho to the ropes. Ziggler held the ropes down from the outside, which sent Jericho to the floor. Ziggler rolled Jericho back into the ring. Del Rio hit an Enzuigiri to take Jericho down for good. After the bell, Del Rio put on the Cross Arm Breaker as Ziggler mocked Jericho. Sheamus made the save and mauled Del Rio. The two fell out of the ring. Sheamus pushed Del Rio over the barricade. Del Rio high-tailed it out of there. Booker T came out and asked Sheamus what he was doing there. Sheamus begged him to put the match back on. Booker protested that Sheamus was injured, but Sheamus claimed he wanted the match more than Del Rio. Left with no choice, the match was put back on. Good stuff, but was there really any point?

Final Thoughts: Overall, a solid show that provided much hype for Summerslam, the strongest yet. Go out of your way to see the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton match, which stole the show. With the exception of the Reks/Hawkins disaster, everything else served a purpose. Only disappointment was that there was no mention at all of the Tag Titles or the Tag Title match on Sunday. Summerslam should be a good show when it’s all said and done and it’s a good thing that there’s a bit of uncertainty in just exactly what Creative has planned.

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