Resolution Independent Handling Worldwide Sales at AFM on Pic from Director Nikolai Pigarev

Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead, the first Russian language zombie film from writer/director/producer Nikolai Pigarev, will world premiere on November 3, 2012 at the 26th Leeds International Film Festival in the Fanomenon section. Melbourne-based producer/distributor Resolution Indepdendent is handling worldwide sales at AFM. The action adventure film is co-written by Pigarev and Mikhail Borzenkov, and executive produced by Resolution’s Pete Ford alongside Wayne Duband.

Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead, the directorial debut from Nikolai Pigarev, follows the story of a not-so-intrepid Moscow reporter who finds himself battling an army of undead zombies during a freak snowstorm on the hottest day in Russian history. Now all he has to do is get the girl, stop himself from being shot by her father and stay away of the sharp end of the mad Russian Orthodox Priest’s axe, while still making his deadline!

Co-writer Mikhail Borzenkov stars alongside Tatyana Zhevnova, Alekandr Abramovich, Sergey Shirochin, Dmitriy Kozhuro, and Yuliya Yudintseva.

Resolution Independent’s Pete Ford said: “This is the kind of movie that we always want to part of, something that punches way above its weight. This isn’t just a zombie movie, it’s an action adventure movie that has extraordinary scale and scope that has the added bonus of zombies!”

Executive Producer Wayne Duband, who previously served as President of Warner Bros. International, added: ”it’s exciting to see a genre film of this calibre with such huge global appeal come out of an important market like Russia from a upcoming talent like Nik, I’m thrilled to partner with Pete and RI to represent the film worldwide .”

Director Nikolai Pigarev said: “Fanomenon at Leeds is one of the largest genre events in the UK, so it’s the perfect setting in which to world premiere the film.”

Pigarev will present the film at the 26th Leeds International Film Festival, running November 1-18, 2012. Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead will premiere in the festival’s Fanomenon section showcasing new horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films from around the world.

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