Review Fix Exclusive: 2012 New York Comic Con Coverage: The Kodansha Comics Panel

The Kodansha Comics panel at the 2012 New York Comic Con was filled with plenty of rowdy “Sailor Moon” fans.

Ironically, it was a best bet because the biggest announcement was all about “Sailor Moon,” just in time for its 20th anniversary.

That big announcement was the “Sailor Moon” art book due in 2013. This art book features art from ‘Sailor Moon” creator Naoko Takeuchi’s previous work, along with all new art work. This will be released simultaneously in seven countries around the world with each country getting additional material. This got a huge reaction from the crowd and even a “I love you” from a fan.

The other big “Sailor Moon” announcement was that Kodansha will release their first ‘Sailor Moon” box set which includes volumes 1-6 and a sticker set. This is scheduled for aNovember 20th ship date.

There was even a letter from Naoko Takeuchi herself that was read at the panel. The audience wanted it read in her voice, but of course that was not possible. The letter basically thanked the U.S. fans for their love of “Sailor Moon” and spoke about the art book and box set.

Other announcements weren’t as big as “Sailor Moon,” but are worth nothing. Kodansha will continue with “Fairy Tail” and will publish each volume monthly to catch up to Japan. They will also release “No.6,” “Vinland Saga”, both volumes of “Tokyo Myu Myu Ala Mode” in omnibus format, “Missions of Love,” ‘Air Gear,” “Battle Angel Alita: Last Order,” “Danza,” “Attack on Titan” and the final volumes of ‘Negima!”

The other little tidbit includes a total redesign of the Kodansha website. Originally, it was just an online catalogue; now it has news and blog feeds, giveaways and a web series.

All that, plus free posters and a free “Sailor Moon” calendar was enough to satisfy the rowdy crowd of fans until the release of the promised artbook in 2012.

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