Single Review: Man Overboard’s ‘Misery’

New Jersey’s Man Overboard  recently released his very own Acoustic Covers- Volume One.  It’s composed of covers of two hit songs, Crush’s hit “Jellyhead” and Soul Asylum’s “Misery.”

Eisenstein had created his own rendition of Soul Asylum’s Misery just for all of the “suicide kings and drama queens.” His acoustic cover of the track brings the song into a new light of sorts. The guitar strips the song of its once head banging rock and roll melodic flow and fills the song with a little more mystery. Eisenstein’s smoky soulful voice drags through the words pulling you into the darkest corner of your local coffee shop. Eisenstein’s cover of Misery darkens up the song and molds it into a catchy song about loneliness.

The original song captures a rampaging take over an extremely catchy beat. Soul Asylum’s Misery makes people want to join forces and take on misery together. Eisenstein’s cover morphs the tune into a slightly twisted song and gives you the feeling that you’re taking on misery on your lonesome. Eisenstein’s take on Misery leaves you wanting a partner to sing along with.

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