The Walking Dead Coverage: Hello Governor

Episode Commentary: “Walk With Me”

Although Rick Grimes and the rest of the group are nowhere to be found in this episode of “The Walking Dead,” new characters, a new setting, and a familiar face are brought into the fray.

“Walk With Me” was unique because most of the main characters weren’t present- that type of story arch is foreign to TWD. However that doesn’t necessarily make that a bad thing. Instead Andrea and Michone take a front seat and discover their part of the story line that will seem to play a big part of this season.

This episode gets off to a great start as three soldiers in a helicopter get shot down. While Andrea, Michone, along with the armless and jaw less walkers look on from afar, they head to the crash site and discover a group of guys who inspect the helicopter and kill several walkers who are nearby. While Andrea and Michone hide out in the bushes, they are finally captured by none other than Meryl- who is alive and well after all.

While Andrea wakes up she discovers that her and Michone have been taken to a small town called Woodbury. There we are introduced to the Governor, who seems to call the shots. The Governor is a mild-mannered man, and seems to care about Andrea’s and Michone’s well-being. He insists that they stay put for a few days. Andrea begins to show some trust for The Governor, while Michone does not. We do find out more about Woodbury, as it has a population of about 74 people, is run by The Governor, and has a curfew that people should be in their homes just before dark. What is interesting about this episode is that we find out where good ol’ Meryl has been all this time, and his interaction with Andrea as she shared her story about how she spent her time with the rest of the group including Meryl’s brother Daryl in Atlanta and on the farm.

There’s an old expression, “Things aren’t always what they seem.” That could be said for The Governor, as we discover his true purpose. At first we think he is this caring person who wants bring people together and start over a civilization. However that is not the case. He wants Meryl to get more information from Andrea about Rick and the rest of the group and where they could be held up. The Governor also has his own lab in which he has one of his group members known as the scientist experiment on walkers. The purpose of the experiment is to use the walkers as camouflage against other walkers by having them not feed on humans.

The Governor as we come to find out kept one of the pilots from the helicopter alive to see where the rest of his unit was held up. While he makes the pilot think that he will send the rest of the unit over to Woodbury to be cared for, the total opposite occurs. When the Governor and the rest of his gang find the soldiers, he kills them and takes their vehicles and weapons. Toward the end of the episode The Governor walks towards a secret room, while the camera zooms in on him sipping on a glass of scotch, we hear water bubbling of sorts, and as the camera turns in the opposite direction, there are several water filled jars with the heads of walkers- including one of the pilots from the helicopter.

From the looks of this episode, it seems that The Governor’s intentions will not only endanger Andrea and Michone, but also the rest of the group back at the prison. It is certain that there will be a huge clash when both of these groups finally meet. When that time comes- you could rest assured there will be a war.

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