WWE RAW Coverage: What Happened to This Show?

After the deplorable Hell in a Cell pay per view on Sunday, WWE needed a big show in preparation for Survivor Series.

While several new plot-lines were developed, they weren’t exactly mind-blowing.

CM Punk had a lot of explaining to do after the WCW-type finish to his match with Ryback, where he won after the referee, Brad Maddux, low-blowed Ryback and then fast-counted to the win.

During the show’s first segment, Punk told the WWE universe he would not fight Ryback again, that he has moved on to bigger and better things.

Enter Mick Foley.

Upset that Punk has let down his fans, Foley and the WWE Champion came up with an intriguing option to squash their feud: an Old-School Survivor Series match- Team Foley vs. Team Punk.

Naturally, Ryback will have a spot on Team Foley, but it was fun to wonder who Punk get for his squad.He’s not exactly Mr. Popularity lately, but he is a “Heyman guy.” Could this mean the return of Brock Lesnar?


Sadly, the inclusion of Team Rhodes Scholars, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio hurts the overall prominence of Team Punk. The WWE champion has destroyed both The Miz and Del Rio on the mic over the past year and a half. Why include them on his team? Why not add Big Show and bring in a few young Heyman prospects. What about Dean Ambrose? While Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are a good fit, with Ryback, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Kane on Team Foley, Team Punk will be completely under-sized.

So the Survivor Series main event will feature a bigger, stronger face team, against a bunch of whiney heels. Doesn’t sound very fun. Not at all.

AJ Lee made her return to the WWE roster as an in-ring competitor after she was fired as RAW GM for apparently having an affair with John Cena. Vikki Guerrero also promised to have proof, but overall, it was all bologna.


What a waste; Lee was just beginning to get her act together as GM and now with Guerrero at the helm, it feels like 2005 all over again. Talk about moving backward.

Right now the WWE feels like an almost completely different show. Unfortunately, it’s not a good one.

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