The Walking Dead Coverage: Nobody puts Rick in a Corner

Episode Commentary: Sick

The second episode of “The Walking Dead” was a quick one. Not because it was short, but because it flew by. There were just so many things going on that by the time you got comfortable, it was all over. With walkers chasing you every step you go and convicts becoming allies, what else would you expect?

Early on Rick and the group have to attend to an injured Herschel who got his leg amputated after he got bitten by a walker. At the same time they discover several prisoners who are not infected. This episode starts off with intensity and action, as Rick continues to lead the group to survival. Coming up with a strategy on how to keep them safe while in a new environment is now there only option.

Throughout this episode we see the group try and comfort Herschel, while Rick T-Dog and Daryl fight with the prisoners regarding their stay in the prison until they finally come to an agreement. After Rick explains to the prisoners how to kill the walkers, soon enough they all head to the kitchen to get their share of the food and end up killing many walkers. Unfortunately one of the prisoners, Big Tiny, gets scratched and in a shocking moment, one of his fellow inmates brutally kills him by continuously smashing his head in.

In the words of Jon Bon Jovi: “Have a nice day.”

One scene that made this episode enjoyable involved Rick and one of the prisoners along with a machete. After an encounter with walkers Rick was double-crossed after one of the prisoners pushed a walker on top of him.

You’d think they’d know that they won’t like Rick when he’s angry.

There were a few touching scenes, one involving Maggie and Herschel as she tells him to stop fighting and let go while she breaks down. What makes this show so special is it lets the audience forget about the suspense and gore and focus on touching moments-reminiscent to a calm before the storm.

Overall this episode was thrilling. The characters become more likable each scene, and the story continues to improve and build for the better. Although we did not see Michone or Andrea in this episode, it seems that their story lines will be a big part of this season and potentially impact Rick and the rest of the group back in the prison.

From what we’ve seen thus far, this season will focus on Rick and the group dealing with many obstacles that will come their way. First there is Herschel’s condition, and the time that will come when Lori will have to give birth. Now that Herschel can no longer deliver the baby, it seems that Carol has begun to practice on a walker for the possibility of a C section. Once you thought you’ve seen it all on “The Walking Dead” something else mind boggling occurs.


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