WWE RAW Coverage: Ryback Feedin’, AJ Leavin’

“Ryback stands for one thing and that is destruction,” John Cena

The WWE’s resident babyface seems to think that the green monster Ryback has a shot at defeating WWE Heavyweight Champion CM Punk at Hell in the Cell this Sunday.

Due to Ryback’s lack of mic ability, Cena’s promo and his verbal sparing with Punk on Monday was supposed to set the scene for the pay per view.

Not exactly.

Ryback’s win over The Miz later in the night didn’t exactly endear him with the WWE Universe either. While he’s a wrecking machine, he’s not capable of being the face of a company. Chances are, he may never be.

So with all the talking, all the nonsense, this is simply just an off-month for WWE programming and most likely a mediocre pay per view with an equally as mediocre main event.

That has little to do with Punk.

Easily the brightest spot in the company, even with sub-par writing behind him, Punk will keep the title for at least a few more months. Simply put, there’s no one that can hold a candle to him as champion. Until that changes, that belt isn’t going anywhere.

In other news, AJ Lee’s departure of RAW GM was a bit shocking- and emotional. Forced to step down after rumors of fraternizing with a member of the WWE roster, her future, at least creatively with the WWE, is cloudy. Sad, too, she was just beginning to get good at the job. Vikki Guerrero’s acceptance as the “Managing Supervisor” position of the show made even less sense. What will happen with these two?

Does anyone care?

Aside from the Kane/Daniel Bryan Newly Tag Game, there were few entertaining moments on this week’s RAW.


Tag Team Title Number One Contender Tournament Final: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow: Two good teams that pushed a solid pace. Cara and Mysterio brought the high spots, while Rhodes and Sandow were technically sound. They also isolated Cara for a nice portion of the match. Once Mysterio got the hot tag, he took out Rhodes and Sandow with a flurry of moves including a head scissors, drop-toe hold and a moonsault before he hit a double 619. Sandow, was a step ahead, even in the face of defeat. He utilized his intelligence and stopped the referee from counting to three by laying under the official’s arm. A Cross-Rhodes later and the Rhodes Scholars were the number one contenders.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty: The youngster kept the champion on the ground for most of this short match, but in the blink of an eye, Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel: The high-flyer got the match started with some explosive moves, but Cesaro fought back with a hot shot, a few European uppercuts, a gutwrench suplex and some submission maneuvers. Gabriel showed some resiliency though and won with his 450 Splash for the surprise win.

The Miz vs. Ryback: Miz was on the defensive early and was never in control. This was just a shame: that a former WWE Champion has to put over someone this green like this. This match had a terrible pace. After the Meat Hook Clothesline, Ryback nailed the Shellshocked for the easy win.

WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler: Technically speaking, this was a greatmatch. However, with no storyline to put it all together, it was essentially mid-card fodder. Things picked up once Kane hit the ring, as Bryan picked up his intensity. A massive front dropkick by Bryan was the move of the match. The two traded counters for a few minutes until Ziggler missed a turnbuckle splash and went to the outside. Ziggler battled back and hit Bryan with a top rope X-Factor. Soon enough, Bryan nailed a Buzzsaw hit to Ziggler’s head. These guys worked hard here. Ziggler ultimately won with a Zig-Zag from the second rope.

WWE Tag Team Champion Kane vs. Big Show: The seven-foot monster was in control most of the match. Bryan had his tag team partner’s back but once Rhodes Scholars hit the ramp, Bryan was unable to help and Show caught Kane with the WMD for the win. By the end of the match, the tag champions were left in pieces in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zack Ryder: Del Rio was the aggressor. Aside from a few clotheslines, Ryder did nothing. Del Rio worked on the arm and won with his Cross-arm breaker.

Lumberjack Match: WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Champion Sheamus: Pretty standard lumberjack match. Sheamus got beat up on the outside by the heels, the faces threw Punk back in. Snore. Punk had more time in the driver’s seat, but for the most part, this was a pretty even encounter. It got better as the match went on, especially when Jinder Mahal and Antonio Cesaro interfered. While Sheamus was able to stop them, he wasn’t able to stop Big Show, who chokeslammed him. Punk took advantage and got the win. Ryback hit the ring soon after and hit a backbreaker, running powerslam and powerbomb, before he gorilla pressed Punk into the lumberjacks.

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