TNA Power Rankings: Christmas Time in TNA

Championship Thursday put every belt on the line and Hardy vs. Aries 3 was on free TV. Sounds like the closest thing to a Christmas gift TNA can give its fans.

So who’s going to come out of this atop the company this week?

5. Sting: The cat is out of the bag. Sting was shown to be behind the 1/3/13 vignettes. He’s got his Crow facepaint & will be looking to kick some ass.

4. Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan: Get ready for nostalgia, because this could be this generation’s Kane and X-Pac. Ok, maybe a slight hyperbole, but Ryan is hatable and downright unsettling. Morgan is becoming the monster he deserves to be as well.

3. Kenny King: Two matches with RVD, and tonight they team together against Ryan/Morgan. In the end, King left Van Dam high and dry, undoubtably furthering their feud. Kenny King needs the X-Title, badly. He’s a phenom, & the crowd knows it.

2. Bad Influence: Daniels and Kazarian are completely insane. Kaz brought out Santa Claus to celebrate Daniels’ victory over AJ Styles, & Daniels beamed like a schoolboy, sitting on the fat man’s lap. He’s 41, for the record.

1. Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries: Remember when WWE seemed to give us a Punk vs Bryan classic every other week, for free? That’s what this seems like. These are easily numbers 1 and 1a in TNA. Hardy, is the casual fans’ hero, the charismatic (I know, it’s cliche) loner. Aries, however, won the Impact Zone over by himself. The fans turned him face, but love to hate him as a heel. It was another great match that just proves that these two are what’s driving TNA’s recent upswing in quality.

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