Cappadonna Interview: “Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre”

Darryl Hill is a child of Staten Island. Growing up when Hip-Hop was in it’s infancy. Who would have known this child would grow up to become Cappadonna, one of the members of the iconic group Wu-Tang Clan. Those who did not grow up in Staten Island during this time can only speculate what it was like. A often forgotten borough of New York City that was the home to many influential Hip-Hop artists of our time.

Cappadonna grew up with other members of Wu-Tang Clan, even though he began working on his rap skills at the tender age of 15 he did not join Wu-Tang Clan until 1995. Whether he was ever an official member is still up for dispute. At times he was featured on the albums but not on the covers and at other times the reverse.

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