Darksiders 2: Death’s Door Review: Boring

“Darksiders” is a best selling game series about Death, one of the four horsemen, during the apocalypse. With a setup like that there should be plenty of great stories but “Darksiders 2: Death’s Door” is a bore.

Taking place before the game, “Death’s Door” has Death reluctantly doing a mission given to him by the angel Abaddan that has him going after a rogue demon that is killing off humans. What sounds like an interesting side story for a best selling game is in actuality one big battle preparation montage with a short battle at the end. It’s a bare bones story that neither furthers the story or the “Darksiders” universe. It seems like it was put together halfheartedly without any thought and it drags along to the boredom of the reader.

The art is, for the most part, well drawn with the characters looking just like their video game counterparts. Many of the drawings look so well drawn that they can be cover art for future comics are even posters. The downside is that some of the backgrounds look very basic and don’t draw the reader as well as the characters do. They just seem like they’re there just so there can be background.

Another thing that keeps that pulls the art down is that there are some shots that feature lighting or bright lights that look impressive but hurt the reader’s eyes. Also, there are some scenes where the quality of the art suffers greatly whenever there are long shots. It has that cheap camera effect that makes things look nice close up bad horrible far away.

“Darksiders 2: Death’s Door” is a boring comic that seems like the art was given much more care than the story. This combination make for one good-looking comic but with an empty shell of a story.


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