Blood-C Review: Bleeding Out Nicely

“Blood-C” is a twelve-episode anime designed by CLAMP and Studio Production I.G that is the sequel to “Blood+.” Ranmaru Kotone, the same author who did a manga adaptation of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” is doing the manga adaptation. He’s doing a fine job of it.
“Blood-C” throws us into the life of Saya, a teenaged miko (Shinto shrine maiden) that lives with her dad and a café owner/the series obvious love interest named Fumito. Her life seems like any other normal teenager. But in reality she is just like her dead: fighting against demons called people eaters or the ancient ones.
The first four chapters presented in this volume offer no action whatsoever. If you were expecting some kind of action, look elsewhere. This volume is more about character introductions and world building. What we get from the characters presented here are the classic CLAMP characters that we’ve all enjoyed throughout the years. Kotone-san makes them as likeable, cute and at times downright funny as with the classic CLAMP works of old.
The art is also a delight. It’s that pre “Xxxholic” “gothic” style that seems to fit CLAMP better. It brings out the charm of characters and the world better. Not to mention it’s easier on the eyes, softer to look at and its gentleness fits much better.  
Some people may be put off buy the subject matter of the manga. To them this may seem like it’s just some random seinen manga with no redeemable qualities and an obvious love interest. But if you peel away at the exterior you’ll find these characters face some serious life problems like leaving their small town for bigger things. It’s these small details that make this story a much better balanced story than most seinen manga out there.
Ranmaru Kotone’s adaptation of “Blood-C” seems to be coming along nicely as it feels just it is written by CLAMP themselves. Not to mention the story runs deeper than what its exterior lets on and the art is classic CLAMP.

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