The Walking Dead Coverage: More Trouble in Woodbury

After what seems like an eternity it is finally back. The long wait was much worth it as the mid-season premier of “The Walking Dead” rips the psyche of its most heroic characters to shreds and leaves them as fallen idols. The rage and heartbreak are almost tangible as you see the foundations of the strongest people crumble.

The premiere brings its dedicated fans right back into the drama. It begins with fist fights, guns, blood and of course, zombie splatter. At the end of the last season Daryl and his brother had their not-so-heartfelt reunion, but their family bonds were put to the test. With all the development of the many dynamic characters, the threat of the Governor and the introduction of Tyrese’s group the premier leaves more questions to ask than it answered. It is a nonstop festival of suspense all the way up to the last second.

Merle Dixon was never the most loveable character, and with the group facing several problems at once Rick and Daryl are left at a standstill, forced to make a difficult decision after escaping the Governor’s grasp. They are not the only ones though.

While a part of the group was off to rescue the others from Woodbury, those left to guard the prison encounter a brand new group. Tyrese, their unofficial leader, provides his emotional pleas to the group to no avail. Rick is falling apart and pushes yet another strong addition to the team away in a panic.

Rick is not the only one with problems and all is not well in Woodbury.

After Rick and his group breach the walls of Woodbury a small group of walkers manage to break through. With the threat of outsiders as well as the undead the townspeople break in to a panic and the Governor is nowhere to be seen to unify his once strong community. The people begin to feel unsafe and uncertain. An unexpected character development occurs as Andrea steps in to reunite the fractured community while the Governor broods in his apartment to plot his revenge.

Back at the prison the group begins to fall apart. Haunted by the tragic events that have occurred up to this point Glenn and Rick are both not themselves. Glenn has evolved from his quiet self in season one into a strong leader. After his escape though, he is now on a rage driven vendetta against the Governor and it seems as if he will lose himself to the anger.

The final moments leave Rick completely shattered mentally. He starts to wave his gun in a frenzy. He most definitely fits the episode title of The Suicide King, which refers to the King of Hearts because he appears stab himself on the card image. He makes all the wrong decisions as they approach him ,which will most likely hurt the group’s chance of survival down the line. The seams of the once strong group are breaking apart. They are left  in disarray.

The whole episode leaves many questions to be answered as many unexpected events unravel.

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