Review Fix’s Thoughts on the New WWE Heavyweight Title

Gaudy, over the top and ridiculous.

The same words that describe Mr. T’s appearance during an episode of “The A-Team” now provide a perfect verbal visage for the new WWE title. Unveiled by The Rock this past week on RAW, the title was supposed to replace the equally as inane “Spinner” belt, but instead, just looks good on The Rock’s shoulder. Like a prop for a movie, Dwayne Johnson has a new toy, but real wrestling fans still can’t stop shuddering.

If you don’t think the look of a title means something, think again. One of the reasons why the Divas Division gets no respect has a lot to do with the fact that their title belongs on a Barbie doll than a female professional wrestler. Over the past few years, it’s been on more models than female workers. That’s not a coincidence.

Consider this as well. The WWE title is now around the waist of a part-time worker who despite earning his stripes a decade ago is in the company more for his popularity than his ability in the ring. But let’s be straight here. The Rock is a hell of a worker. He’s no Hulk Hogan. He’s a step and a half above John Cena as well. But with his seemingly forced title reign, for the sake of a Wrestlemania match-up and the new belt, the WWE continues to hurt its legacy.

It’s not Katie Vick bad, but it’s close.

Wrestling has always been an ebb and flow business. Make no mistake. This belt confirms it. This is ebb.

The biggest problem with the title is the huge WWE logo on the front of the title. It looks like a design for a ring or a belt buckle, blown up in size. Although it isn’t mandatory, the return of an eagle-inspired title, one similar to the one the company used in the late ‘90s, but with a more modern twist, would have been more appropriate. Instead, it looks way too outlandish and takes the “entertainment” thing up another notch. But maybe that’s what Vince McMahon wants. With this title, it’s obvious this isn’t a wrestling show anymore. You can’t fool kids anymore. They know the show is for entertainment value only. So instead of suspending disbelief a hallmark of the fantastic wrestling shows over the past 50 years, this title tells the world that being the WWE champion isn’t about working your tail off, it’s about wearing the blingy, over the top belt.

The sides of the belt, adorned with brahma bull logo also continue to make this title tailor-made for The Rock. Once he loses the title to John Cena at Wrestlemania, WWE logos should be added to the sides to clean it up some more, but then you’ll have three WWE logos on the thing. It’ll be an eyesore.

The World Heavyweight title is a secondary one in the company, but at least that belt is beautiful. Even if it only represents the last 30 years or so (in between its exodus after the fall of WCW) it now stands for a lot more than the new couture title the WWE will have its franchise player wear around his waist.

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