The Adventures of Superhero Girl Review: Fan Girl Squee Incarnate

What does it mean to be a superhero? What really does it take? A tragic backstory? A flashy costume? Corporate sponsorship? Meh to all of that says Superhero Girl. She wanted to be a hero, so she decided to be a superhero. End of story.

No matter what know-it-all comic book dweebs might tell you, you can do it. And this comic illustrates that in a way that is uniquely funny and a joy to read. It is simply a good time. And if someone tells you you can’t, then give ’em a good old-fashioned KERPOW to the chin.

Superhero Girl,( gotta keep that secret identity secret) is just your normal everyday nerd chick, who just happens to have old-school Superman powers. Superstrength, heat vision and leaping tall buildings( not that newfangled flight, actual Shaq-in-his-prime caliber leaping). She loves cuddly animals, lives with a normal roommate, and her hobbies include badly knitting, failing at parties and kicking butt. Located somewhere in Canada, she has moved away from the thriving metropolis where her brother Kevin does battle, in exchange for the quaint small town that is in need of some superheroing. Between trying to find her dreaded arch-nemesis( a key ingredient in any superhero worth their cape) and finding a way to get paid (her superheroing doubles as volunteer hours), she stays busy.

The writing is short and tight, with little room for fluff, and as much giddy joy crammed into every syllable as possible. This comic is a parody, without quite being a parody. Its wit lies in the small stuff, the details that catch your eye. This is a properly done spoof, while still not falling into the standard trap of its peers by staying within its own story. It’s self-aware without being obnoxiously so. She fights ninjas, and then waves at them at the grocery store. She struggles with a monster, before remembering that she can just throw him out of the atmosphere. She is simply relatable, without being overtly so. With art that is cutesy, almost having a colored pencil look to it, it has the look of an average webcomic, with writing that far surpasses.

Superhero Girl is overall a fun ride. Don’t take yourself seriously, because that’s just lame. Have some fun and hug a kitten. This has the makings of being “The Tick” for the new generation.

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