Turn Kofi Kingston Heel

Kofi Kingston is the most under-utilized superstar in the WWE.

That has everything to do with his lack of a solid persona. While his fans appreciate his amazing athletic ability, they don’t love him. Like a “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, he’ll never be remembered for an angle or a promo. Instead he’ll be immortalized as more a top-notch worker and a victim of others than anything enigmatic.

Snuka got a coconut busted over his head more than 25 years ago and the world still remembers.

How long till Kingston is a victim of such a folly?

In the prime of his career, the time is now to make Kingston into what his legacy deserves.

Here’s an idea: make him a heel. Not just any type of heel either. Craft the smiling and pure Kingston into a womanizing piece of garbage with a penchant for bling. Think of Kingston as wrestling’s version of rappers 2Chainz and Sean Combs. An arrogant, but undeniably successful mogul. During promos, Kingston can rock expensive glasses and pinky rings. Hell, he may even shave his signature dreads. Either way, he’d have the look of a top-level executive. And with some polish, he’d become a silver-tongued devil on the stick. A convinced, emotionless straight-shooter who makes his own chances after nearly a decade of being passed over.

Think CM Punk had things to get off his chest? Imagine how much steam Kingston has inside that heart of his.

In the ring, he’ll get grittier. No more top rope splashes or crazy stuff. Only on pay per views, when it’s fiscally responsible, he’ll say. Instead, he’ll develop a sit-out Powerbomb for smaller guys and a screaming, running STO for larger opponents. Both moves could transition beautifully into a neck-focused submission like the Rings of Saturn or the Dragon Sleeper. During PPVs, he’ll mix in his old stuff and deliver the type of matches even his haters will appreciate.

It gets better. Because he is a mogul, he’ll need a PR person. Someone focused on making sure his investments are sound ones and someone who can talk for him and even get involved in his matches when the time comes. Someone who is clear that her one job is to protect his reputation, his brand.

Natalya Niedhart.

Not only is Niedhart the best female worker in the WWE, just like Kingston, she’s being wasted away.To see her with Great Khali is beyond sickening. The last real worker in the Hart family, she deserves a better fate than this. Put her in some thick-rimmed glasses, a sexy pants suit, a bun in her hair and an iPad to keep track of The King’s “to do” list and you have an awesome personal assistant.

At any rate, Kingston and Niedhart deserve so much more than what they have now, nothing. They’ve had face runs of various levels of success and now seems as good a time as ever to see how the grain flows on the other side.

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