Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Foul-Mouthed Fun

Bring the kiddies along, but make sure to cover their precious ears because you’ve just taken them to dinner this week for a debaucher-filled episode of at “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The chefs’ day started with Ramsay taking them outside Hell’s Kitchen, where a pen filled with farm animals awaited them. This was their day’s challenge; it consisted of catching a farm animal and putting it into a catch that had a starch written on it. That animal and starch would be the dish that chef would cook with. Their time limit was ten minutes.

We learned that Nedra has a fear of animals. When it was her turn it was just as expected: The animals chased her, lots of crying, yelling and she took way to long to put her animal (a turkey) into a cage (yams).

On the bright side, everyone got an animal into a cage and Mary had a ton of fun. ”Mary had a little lamb,” Mary shouted with glee as she put her lamb into its cage (couscous).

After the cooking part, Ramsay told each team they had to choose two dishes to leave out of the tasting. The Red chose Cyndi and Jacqueline. On the Blue Jon nominated himself and Dan was chosen against his own wishes.

To help with the judging was the chef/owner of “Animal” in Los Angeles John Shook. One point of interest is that Nedra’s turkey leg looked like one of those turkey legs seen in your typical fantasy/medieval royal court scene. As usual, it was a tie that had to come down to the last dish. It was Ja’nel VS Michael in the goat challenge with Ja’nel winning due to Michael’s goat ribs being very tough. Ramsay did ask to taste Dan’s dish to see if the Blue would have won if they chose his. They would have.

The Red’s reward was a day as VIP guest at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Blue Team on the other hand had to put together a petting zoo for family night. That included washing and cooking for them.

The best part of watching the Blue Team’s punishment? The animals had menus! On the menu was ratatouille. Yes, ratatouille. Even the animals knew their cooking wasn’t all that great. Dan was complaining throughout the whole punishment, too.

At family night Ramsay announced that his family was dining at Hell’s Kitchen and the Blue Team would be serving them. Putting the Blue Team in charge of cooking for Ramsay’s family would prove to be one of his worst moves yet.

It all started when Dan destroyed a child’s pizza by not putting on any garnish, not cutting it properly and not cooking the crust right. It got worse when Ray had to make a burger for Ramsay’s son and it was cold. To say Ramsay was angry would be an understatement. Later, Barrett would have trouble with meat. It started with a lamb that was undercooked so finish it in the oven. It was still undercooked. Later he would bring up a raw chicken for Sous Chef James’s pregnant wife.

Near the end of service the Red Team, whose only mess up was Jacqueline making rubber scallops, had to help the Blue Team finish up dinner service. The Blue Team is an embarrassment at this point. Mary also improved greatly as she acted a lot like a leader during service.

Everyone on the Blue wanted to nominate Dan for elimination. He didn’t take it very well. He and Barrett were put up for elimination and Dan was eliminated.

Ramsay saying that if the Blue doesn’t shape up he’ll start eliminating two people at once is a great idea. Besides a select few this team is getting pathetic. At least Dan is eliminated. His ego was getting a little out of hand.

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