Ryback is No Heel, Needs a Manager

Calling Mick Foley fat doesn’t make you a heel. It just means you can see. Like a struggling Shakespearean thespian, Ryback’s pacing promo this week on RAW showed some promise, but it’s apparent he still doesn’t have a clue.

A heel doesn’t have to hate on the good guys. He doesn’t have to insult them. He has to embody hate. He has to be an insult. Dolph Ziggler is a good example of this. Everything he does, from the pushups in the ring and the showing off, to his entourage and constant trickery lets fans know he’s not someone you want to get on the bad side of.

Ryback is a wrecking machine, make no mistake, but he’s essentially an aimless one. It doesn’t help either that he can’t sell. It limits what creative can do with him and even though promo is important, what’s more important is what goes on in the ring. That’s where fans fall in love or hate with you.

This guy needs a manager desperately. The same way Dutch Mantell and Paul Heyman add an extra element to Brock Lesnar and Jack Swagger, Ryback desperately needs someone with his best interests at heart.

Because at this point, the semi-scripted jibber-jabber that’s coming out of his trap is a mess.

But who could do it? Are there any good managers left in the WWE? At this point, it would be cool to see Brad Maddox and Ryback squash their issues and unite to fight The Shield and agree that Cena is a monster depriving audiences of ingenuity and entertainment and that a new face of the franchise is needed. It could work, especially considering Maddox’s charisma and how this could be his way at getting back at Vikki Guerrero. But in the end, that potential angle could benefit Maddox more than Ryback.

At any rate, Ryback continues to prove his lack of an extra dimension can and will hurt his ability to climb the WWE ladder.

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