Why a Cena Heel Turn Makes Zero Sense, Right Now

Even in professional wrestling, the bad guys need superheroes to fight. Otherwise, it’s just pure destruction. That can only be fun for so long.

That’s the main reason why John Cena won’t turn heel right now. If Cena goes the baddie route, it’ll be for an extended amount of time. Cena isn’t Randy Orton. He can’t change faces at the drop of a hat. It has to be a cool and calculated move. It has to make sense and has to be believable. If not, it’ll ruin the company’s biggest star. That is a risk the WWE cannot afford to take. They won’t.

While factions the likes of The Four Horsemen and nWo had their big reigns of terror, there was always a legitimate baby face left to fight them. Once Cena makes the cross over to the dark side, who is left to fight him? Ryback? Maybe if he could sell. Brodus Clay? They’d have a dance off. Kofi Kingston? Maybe, if he could cut a decent promo. Hell, even Sheamus is a bit vanilla, pun intended. Every talented performer on the WWE roster that is capable of taking down Cena is either a convincing heel or lacks the charisma to be an effective face. Much like the problem TNA has right now, the WWE doesn’t have much roster diversity in what they can explore because they have people that can only fill certain spots on the roster.

Dolph Ziggler’s in-ring ability would make him a perfect adversary to Cena, but his personality is one that thrives in a heel environment. The same thing goes for CM Punk. While Punk is better suited at the anti-hero role that got him over two summers and a pipe bomb ago, the WWE would rather have him be the slimy bad guy. Until the WWE finds someone that kids will look up to the way they do Cena, the chances of seeing him going the Thug-anomics route is a slim one.

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