WWE RAW Power Rankings: The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan

Blatant product placement and not enough storyline, the week of a pay per view no less, hurt RAW’s chances at success. Luckily for the WWE, The Shield/Daniel Bryan angle continues to make the show entertaining.

Check out our weekly RAW power rankings to see who else make the show worth your time.

5: Big E. Langston: Whoa. Wait a second here. Langston looked formidable against Chris Jericho? Damn skippy. While a lot of it had to do with Jericho’s ability to sell, Langston has come a long way the past few months. All he needs is a few decent promos [this week’s drama with Kaitlyn helped his stock rise as well] and a decent set up maneuver for his finisher and he’ll be a lot more formidable than people think.

4: Kane: Despite his increasing age, Kane continues to prove he’s one of the most talented big men to ever step in the ring. You’d never think he was the “saner” member of Hell No, but his passion and loyalty to Daniel Bryan has made him even more endearing to fans than he was before. Simply put, he doesn’t need to be a monster anymore. Although he may not get the credit he deserves nowadays, he’s a legend in his own time. With a United States title match at Payback, the Big Red Machine may prove he’s still a singles superstar.

3: Curtis Axel: Two “wins” over Triple H in one night and a shot at the Intercontinental title at Pay Back. Can you really ask for more from Axel right now? While he hasn’t shown all that much in the ring, anyone who’s seen him during his Nexus days knows he’ll put on a decent show at the pay per view. Regardless, it’s crazy to think four or five weeks ago he was sitting in the locker room taking up space.

2: The Shield: On a night where they sold more than they showed off, The Shield had three solid matches with three of the best workers in the company. If that doesn’t prove that they’re the real deal, nothing else will.

1:Daniel Bryan: Kicks, elbows, submissions and suicide dives, Bryan continues to bring a multifaceted attack to the ring every night. It’s fair to say that even with bigger stars on the roster, some with more charisma and experience, Bryan is the biggest reason to watch this show every week.

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