Nattie’s Dilemma

Natalya Neidhart is wrestling royalty.

The only female member of the Hart family wrestling dynasty to tie up the boots, Neidhart’s name alone lends itself to wrestling history. Her father, in spite of his recent problems with the law, is one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time. The WWE’s love of history and lineage alone should give her a first class ticket to success. But even if she was the son of a plumber, she’d still deserve better than what she’s gotten over the past year.

With a flaccid Divas division and no competition for champion AJ Lee, Neidhart is more than entitled to a run at the gold. What’s she’s gotten instead of plain disrespect.

If being the Great Khali’s “girlfriend” wasn’t bad enough, Neidhart got beaten in her hometown on RAW a month or so ago. Easily the best worker in the Divas division, Neidhart is also one of the company’s biggest supporters in their Be a Star campaign and does whatever she can to help out.

So why is she a jobber? What is she doing wrong?

While her signature offense is rock solid and is out of the Hart playbook, perhaps it’s time she deviated from what got her to the dance and became something different.

Well, to people who have read Bret Hart’s writing and watched the plethora of WWE DVDs out there, it wouldn’t be too different after all.

The only pure wrestler on the Divas roster, it would be great for Nattie to adopt a persona derived from her late-grandfather, Stu. Known for decades for stretching out guys in the Hart family dungeon, it would be awesome to have a real “Shooter” in the Divas Division. With AJ Lee getting some submission victories of late with the Octopus Stretch, it would be awesome to see Neidhart show her how to really “stretch” someone out.

Beautiful, smart and an amazing performer, Neidhart should be the queen of the Divas division. Maybe her ticket there is to fully embrace her roots and not just wear her family’s colors and use their signature moves.

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