Solipskier Review: An Adrenaline Shot For Free

In the last half decade or so, a new variety of games have become more and more popular: Flash games. These are games that can be played with minimal technology, no download needed, and for free. While most of it is fairly easy to toss aside, “Solipskier” is an enjoyable diamond in the rough.Released by a website called Mikengreg, it is pure energy incarnate.

The premise is pretty simple. The minute you click on the screen with your mouse, you start creating snow, which the skier on the screen begins to glide on. Mouse goes up, the snow slopes up. Mouse goes down, the snow slopes down. You release the button, and the snow stops. You go through hoops to go faster, and sometimes have to jump obstacles. Simple as can be. Where the trick lies is that it’s all in your reflexes.

It will be an easy pace at first, but after hitting a couple tunnels of hoops, with the scenery blazing behind you in a blur, and you’ll start to feel your nerves getting pushed.

When you add the kickass rock music in the background and the lack of an ability to pause (a key to the game is not being able to stop), you have a nice neat ball of energy at your fingertips. Ultimately, it’s easy to pick up and play and maddeningly addictive.

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