TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Creative Differences?

Suicide is dead, Chris Sabin wants a rematch, and Austin Aries holds the X-Division belt…oh, and Impact is in Vegas, so…yadda yadda odds are against you, yadda yadda who gets lucky?

Apparently Magnus. Sting and Angle announcement of Samoa Joe and Magnus as the other two MEM members makes sure Magnus is counted among the Impact elite. Added to his lead in the BFG series, this can only bring good things.

Speaking of good things, Mickie James cut a great promo on Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim’s ladder match next week. Looks like she is finally firing on all cylinders as a heel, and it’s awesome.

In other news, Neither Gut-Check contestant was given a contract and judging by TNA’s house cleaning and falling out with OVW, it’s not surprising. The Big O is still green, and that guy with the guitar, Ryan Howe…just no.


Bound for Glory Series Frank Kazarian vs. AJ Styles: First and foremost, Daniels and Kaz came out dressed as Siegfried and Roy (complete with stuffed-animal tigers). With nothing measuring up to their level of awesome, the match itself was rather straight forward. As with all of Style’s recent matches, he took the opportunity to get his new submission move over, and gain 10 BFG points.

Bound for Glory Series:Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez: The big-men trade power moves for most of the match, with Bradley taking the worst of it. Hernandez hits his usual spots, including a dive from the entrance ramp into the ring and won with his unique variation of the Shoulder Block.

TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm and Gunner vs. Robbie E and Jesse Godderz: Godderz and Robbie have christened themselves “Bro-Mans.” Indie do aside, this team is great, and has matching gear to-boot. That gear would not help a bit, as the tag champs handled the two goofballs fairly quickly.

Bound for Glory Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park: Yes, this is still happening. While Park’s ship has sailed three times over, it must be said that Hardy has always worked well with larger opponents. His reactions certainly sold what little offense Park exhibited. After getting his mouth busted open, Park would “snap” and Blackhole Slam the referee, losing him 10 point by DQ.

X-Division Champion: Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manik: It’s still TJ Perkins. It’s the same damn costume. Jim Cornette would have a field day with this. That aside, these three were made for the new era of three-way X-Division matches. Action went back and forth between all three men, with multiple transitions, trade offs and counters. Aries and Sabin would bounce each other of the entrance ramp after a failed Brainbuster, while Manik would be stretchered out after Aces and Eights interference. Aries and Sabin would continue in a perfectly paced match, trading huge moves and signature maneuvers. In the end, Sabin would hit a top-rope Cradleshock to reclaim his X-Division title.

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