The Best Moments From Breaking Bad Episode ‘Confessions’

5: Father and Son: Walt becomes paranoid when he learns that Walter Jr. is heading over to the Schraders’ home to help Marie with her computer, thinking it’s only a ploy to lure him away from his parents. In order to convince him to stay, Walt sits him down and tells him that his cancer has returned. Walter Jr. grows emotional and decides to stay home with his father. It’s nice to see a warm moment between the two even if it was manufactured by Walt.

4: Dinner Served Cold: Hank, Marie, Skyler and Walt sit down at an awkward dinner to discuss the children’s safety and their stances on Hank’s investigation into Walt’s secret life as a drug lord. The uncomfortable situation is made even worse by an annoying waiter constantly interrupting the flow of conversation by peddling margaritas and guacamole. After shooing the waiter away, Walt’s suggestion that Hank call off the investigation is coldly shot down by Marie who responds “Why don’t you kill yourself? This whole thing ends with you, right?” Hank replies, “He’s not getting off that easy.” Hank presses Walt to step up, be a man, and admit to his wrong doings, but the foursome does not see eye to eye and Skyler and Walt leave the restaurant after he places a DVD on the table.

3: Cut the B.S.: Walt joins Jesse and Saul in the desert in an attempt to ascertain how much information Hank has on him following Jesse’s interrogation. Walt expresses that he is worried about Jesse’s fragile state and suggests that it would be best if Jesse leaves town and starts a new beginning elsewhere. Walt’s spiel infuriates Jesse who’s convinced that Walt is only being manipulative; he lashes out yelling “Would you just for once stop working me? Just tell me you don’t give a sh*t about me and it’s either this or you’ll kill me the same way you killed Mike.” Jesse’s anger diminishes and breaks down as Walt hugs him.

2: The Revelation: While waiting for the Disappearer Saul hired to help him begin a new life, Jesse realizes that Saul’s bodyguard Huell took his pot stash. He then surmises that Saul and Huell must have been responsible for missing ricin laced cigarette from around the time Brock was poisoned. He storms into the office and begins beating Saul to a pulp. Saul attempts to reach for a gun but Jesse gets to it first before Huell is able to break down the door. Saul confesses to having Huell lift the cigarette but denies knowing that Walt’s plan involved hurting Brock. Jesse drives to Walt’s home, kicks in the door to the living room, and begins dousing everything in sight with gasoline. It’s safe to say that the peaceful moment shared between the former partners in the desert will be short-lived and violence and chaos will ensue.

1: Walt, Lies, and Videotape: Upon returning home from dinner, Hank and Marie’s jaws fall to the floor as they watch Walt’s incriminating confession on the DVD. Walt depicts himself as a pitiful, unwilling participant, who under the iron fist of Hank, was forced to work as the chemist behind Hank’s meth empire. He paints Hank as the mastermind who used his connections as a DEA agent and relationship with former partner Gus Fring to sell the product. Walt conveys that he had no way out because of Hank’s rising status in law enforcement and because he was unable to overcome the repressive tactics Hank used to keep him in line and that the video was his only option to expose Hank for who he really is Hank. As the video fades to black, Hank and Marie are stunned about how to proceed because revealing Walt’s secret life will entangle them further into his web of lies.

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