How Tyson Kidd Could Become a Superstar in Four Weeks

Tyson Kidd is one of the best workers in the WWE, but he hasn’t been on RAW in at least a year, largely due to a torn meniscus. But even before the injury, he was a ghost. It was a move that mades zero sense. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed and quickly once he’s healthy to return to in-ring action..

Wrestling guru Patrick Hickey Jr. breaks down how Kidd can be elevated to upper mid-card status in a matter of four weeks.

Week One: Have Kidd Destroy The Great Khali: Sick of seeing his new wife Nattie Neidhart with the bumbling idiot, Kidd interrupts a match (His new ring music hits, something with some grit, a-la Otherwise’s “Die For You”) and literally destroys Khali. No weapons either; just speed, some well-placed kicks and a finisher that can work on anyone, possibly a Dragonscrew leg whip that bridges into a cool submission move (He is Canadian after all) something the likes of AJ Styles’ Calf Killer or he can use his Dungeon Lock with much more frequency. With his wife by his side and in a cool promo that blurs reality, essentially stating the fact that he’s been on Total Divas more than RAW the past year, Kidd also tells the WWE Universe the joke that his career has become is over. He’s ready to be the star Stu Hart trained him to be.

Week Two: Beat a Legitimate Face, Clean: A match against a fan favorite the likes of Kofi Kingston or Rob Van Dam where Kidd sells his ass off and wins with a well-timed counter into the submission move. RVD and Kingston have kick-heavy offenses, so the Dragonscrew would work perfectly into it. Much like Randy Orton’s RKO, Kidd would show the WWE Universe he can strike without warning. After the match, Kidd says he wants something that has always eluded him, something that would make Stu Hart proud- The Intercontinental Title. With Curtis Axel in desperate need of a feud, this couldn’t work any better.

Week Three: Beat a Larger Heel, Make a Challenge and Fight Adversity: Kidd faces off with a heel this time, someone like Wade Barrett or Seth Rollins and once it appears his ready to win, Axel interrupts the match and attacks Kidd. Paul Heyman then soon accepts the challenge and tells Kidd that all this time everyone’s wondering who the next Heyman guy would be, but what if it was a woman? When Kidd’s puzzled look is panned to on the camera, Neidhart chop blocks her hubby, which allows Axel to nail a finisher. With Kidd down, his own wife locks in The Sharpshooter on him, obviously joining Heyman’s team, The match is all set for the next pay per view.

Week Four: Overcome Adversity: Without his wife by his side, Kidd cuts a promo backstage that says his whole career the WWE has felt like he’s needed someone by his side, whether it be Bret, Harry or Nattie, but he’s ready to show the world he’s strong enough by himself. Like his mentors in the Hart Foundation, Kidd has a balls to the wall match with Axel and after kicking out of Axel’s finisher and fighting off interference from his wife and Heyman, Kidd wins the IC title.

The result of all of this? In just a month, the company can turn an under-utilized, but respected fan favorite into something real and legitimate. Two years ago, someone like Kidd would never be considered a WWE Title contender, but after an IC run and the success of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, why can’t Kidd have similar success?

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