Memorable Moments from Breaking Bad Episode ‘Granite State’

5. To Nebraska and Beyond – After seeking the services of his Disappearer, Saul joins Walt in the basement of a vacuum store while they wait to be placed at their new locations. Walt immediately presses Saul for the names of hit men that could help him get revenge on Jack, reclaim the money for his family, and avenge Hank’s death. Saul is uninterested and conveys that instead of Walt seeking vengeance, he should turn himself in to spare Skyler from the impending trial. Walt tries to intimidate him, but is temporarily debilitated by his nagging cough. This allows Saul to make a quick escape to begin his new life in Nebraska where he aspires to at least become the manager of a Cinnabon.

4. Welcome to New Hampshire Mr. Lambert – After making his way out of a fuel truck, Walt, now given the alias Mr. Lambert, takes in his new surroundings which happen to be a cabin located in the middle of nowhere. Aside from the electricity derived from a generator and a limited selection of DVDS, accommodations at his new dwelling makes it seem like he’s traveled back in time to America’s frontier days. There is no internet, television reception, or phone. The nearest town is eight miles away, but the Disappearer Ed warns against going there because Walt is the target of a national manhunt. Being stuck in a desolate, cold cabin, while cut off from the outside world might make the potentiality of serving time in jail not seem so bad.

3. Skyler and the Goons – After a long day of dealing with the legal repercussions of Walt’s life being exposed, Skyler attempts to unwind by smoking a cigarette in the living room while she peers out at the police car parked near her home. Skyler is shocked when she goes to check on Holly and sees a group of masked men adorned in black surrounding her crib. After she promises not to scream, Todd removes his hand from her mouth and drills her about whether she disclosed any information about Lydia to the feds. When she reveals that she hasn’t, they threaten that if she does so in the future, they won’t hesitate to take the lives of her children.

2. A New Incentive – After Todd brings Jesse ice cream as a reward for cooking meth at 96 percent purity, Jesse convinces him to leave the tarp off of his cage and as soon as the coast is clear he is able to escape by pulling a MacGyver and making a makeshift ladder out of a bucket, blanket, and mattress. Jesse’s jailbreak is caught on camera and as he scales a fence to freedom he is quickly surrounded by Jack and his goons. Jesse urges them to pull their triggers and vows not to cook for them anymore, but soon has a new reason to comply when they take him, bound and gagged, to Andrea’s house where Todd executes her as he watches in horror from the car. They make sure to tell him that Brock will be next if he tries to escape again.

1. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Son Scorned – Desperate to send money home to his family, Walt packs $100,000 into an empty box which he plans to mail to Junior’s friend. He makes his way to a bar in town where he has a woman impersonate Marie to lure his son to the phone. Walt becomes emotional as he hears his son’s voice and he attempts to confirm the address, but Junior tears into him. He blames him for killing Hank and crushes Walt by exclaiming “Why are you still alive? Why don’t you just die already?” before ending the phone call. Distraught, Walt calls the DEA and asks to speak to the agent in charge of his investigation. He leaves the phone off the hook, allowing the call to be traced, but is nowhere to be found when cops arrive and swarm the bar.

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