Sons of Anarchy Coverage: Poor Nero

Episode Commentary: “Poenitentia”

Nero is screwed.

Tig is most likely dead.

Is that enough drama for you?

To say that this episode of “Sons of Anarchy” was an eventful one would be serious understatement. The questions that continue to linger and new ones presented help fuel a show that up until this point, was underperforming.

With that said, this is easily the best episode of the season.

And that’s just the beginning. Between Tara’s “pregnancy,” the dead hooker iand Clay’s prison follies, there’s enough plot lines to shake a stick at. How they all twist and turn and create this season’s legacy has yet to become clear. At this point, the speculation is enough to keep the anticipation high.

Jax’s eagerness to get out of the gun business may give Clay another chance at life. Bobby’s insistence to start a new Nomad charter may become a reality as well. How will these events change the MC? Are Bobby and Clay enemies of the Charming club or allies? Now that Lee Toric knows Jax is all business, how does he hurt the club? While it appears he’s focused on taking his frustrations out on Nero for the time being, Toric is still a very serious danger to the club.

And what about Wendy? Her “bruises” are a scary sign as well. What are her intentions? How does this affect Tara and Jax? What are Jax’s intentions with the madam besides providing female viewers will more shots of his exposed rear?

Again, with the drama coming in from a plethora of angles, the events that take place the rest of the season will change the show forever. Years from now, when the show fires its pistons for the last time, this could very well be the episode where people say things truly began to unfold.

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