Who Deserves a Push: The Wyatt Family

While its obvious that Bray Wyatt and “The Family” are in the middle of a big singles push, the company is sure easing their way into it. Since Summerslam, the Family, aside from a few vignettes, has barely been on RAW.

Some people would say taking out a living legend the likes of Kane after just a few months on the main roster is something to be proud of, but Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, deserve even more. With a rare blend of charisma, terror and power, the family is too unique to use teasingly.

Lets face it, Alberto Del Rio’s run as World Heavyweight Champion has been lackluster to say the very least. Although he’s a fantastic worker, he lacks the charisma Wyatt and his henchmen have. Over the next few months, Wyatt and the family should get a hearty helping of legitimate competition, from Christian, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro and even Big Show, in an effort to further establish their credibility to foster a run at the title. But first things first. Once they have the respect of fans in the ring, Wyatt should go after the United States Champion Dean Ambrose, while his Buzzards take on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the Tag Team titles.

Wait, does that mean the Wyatt Family goes face? Kind of. Although they are anything but good guys, they are the only trio that can take on The Shield. Once they vanquish them, it makes sense that Wyatt goes after Del Rio (or Damien Sandow when he decides to cash in) and/or Orton. Once that angle starts, we can see the corporation will have their hands full. Wyatt is definitely not their type of champion, but unlike Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt has the muscle to give his words some extra “punch.”

Even if Wyatt doesn’t get to feud with Orton, it still makes sense for him to torment him. The Triple H regime has made a name for themselves by torturing their opponents and it would be sweet for the unlikely heroes in the Wyatt Family to be the ones to fight for the people the regime destroyed.

Add in another buzzard, possibly Matt Morgan, along the way and The Family could be one of the coolest factions in WWE history, if they weren’t already.

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