WWE Total Divas Coverage: Brie Mode

Episode Commentary: Diva Las Vegas

Jojo has a crush on Justin Gabriel, but is bound to get her heart-broken. Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson are very much in love, but she can’t party or else it’ll make the goat man angry. Nattie is planning her wedding with Tyson Kidd, but Ms. Neidhart may have feelings for someone else.

This cause/effect writing is a staple of reality television, but “Total Divas” takes it to the next level. With the drama set up, there naturally has to be a house party where Jojo and Gabriel hook up and Brie has to become a drunken mess at Nattie’s drama-filled bachelorette party.

“A smilie face means he wants to get it on,” Nikki Bella said in regards to Nattie’s admirer.

If only RAW was this entertaining.

What a mess. But it’s a fun inside look at the WWE Divas that’ll make you smile more than scoff. Just barely. If you thought the drama on RAW and Smackdown was something else, “Total Divas” is hilarious. “The Real World” meets “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the show is beyond smirk-inducing. While “Total Divas” is brainless, like most reality TV shows, it’s also fun.

That has everything to do with the juggling of multiple story arcs. John Cena preparing himself to ask Nikki Bella how many people she’s slept with was witty, but Ariane’s relationship problems stole the show. Her boyfriend was a misbehaving fool, but it seems she’s also pretty embarrassed of him. Add in Gabriel’s hooking up with some random chick and breaking the 19-year-old Jojo’s heart and this episode of “Total Divas” had something for everyone.

Seeing Brie Bella enter “Brie Mode” and handcuff Danielson in bed was a charming few minutes of television as well.

While seeing the Divas as “friends,” spending time together takes away from the shorelines on RAW and Smackdown, it also adds another element to them. Eva Marie, for instance, has been dreadful on RAW since her first appearance a few months ago, but on “Total Divas,” she’s probably the coolest character on the show. There for the naïve Jojo after Gabriel gets caught hanging out with another girl, Eva Marie is charismatic, cute and real.

The same thing goes for the Bellas. Arrogant heels on RAW, it’s nice to see them in another light, as people.

Although it’s obvious the events are scripted to a large extent, this “real-life” look at the luscious women of the WWE isn’t a waste of time.

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