Review Fix NYCC Coverage: ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Sneak Peek

Batman can’t even get a holiday off.

The latest entry in the Arkham series, “Batman: Arkham Origins,” is set on Christmas eve in year two of the caped crusader’s crime fighting career and pits the Dark Knight against the world’s deadliest assassins, ready to collect Black Mask’s 50 million dollar bounty on the Bat.

Creative director Eric Holmes, stars of the game, the voice of Batman Roger Craig Smith, the voice of the Joker Troy Baker, and surprise guest, Erin Pierperderdis, a producer from NetherRealm, talked up the October 25th release at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Pierperderdis was eager to share his surprise o the hundreds of fans in attendance.

“So, why am I here tonight? Because we are very excited to announce, right here at New York Comic Con, that we are bring ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ to the mobile platforms as well.”

A trailer for the mobile game was screened for fans, which showed more of a brawler as oppose to its stealth action/adventure console counterpart. NetherRealm was the same team behind the “Batman: Arkham City Lockdown” mobile game, so they are not new to the Batman universe. The footage showed many different costumes which Pierperderdis promised were not just aesthetic choices.

“These suits actually influence the gameplay, they have different moves, different stats, these sorts of things, so as you are fighting crime in Gotham, “ he said. “You might need to switch to a different suit that fits that particular environment much better.”

Pierperderdis also shared that cross platform unlocks will be available like those in “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” Players can link their mobile version of the game to their console version of the game to unlock the “Red Son” skin.

The conversation then switched gears to talk about Batman’s rich 74-year history. Each panelist had high praise for those who came before them with Smith going as far to say, “Kevin Conroy is king.” They said it’s not about topping those that came before them, but respecting the history and just making an awesome game. However; even with their modesty, Baker does a scary rendition of an excerpt from the classic Joker story “The Killing Joke,” which silences critics who are weary of a new actor in the role.

Holmes had one more surprise for the crowd; a new trailer for a new assassin who is ready to take on the Batman to collect Black Mask’s 50 million dollar bounty: The Electrocutioner. It was not the crowds’ first or last guess as to who the new assassin was, but like many characters in the Arkham world, the series looks to breathe new life into Electrocutioner.

Carrying on the tradition of the classic Megaman games, players will be able to unlock new abilities after defeating assassins.

“The Electrocutioner is a character with that Megaman element,” said Holmes. After defeating him, players will be able to wreak havoc on Gotham’s criminals with the shock gloves.

The panelists are very aware of the shadow cast upon them, but they have owned up to the challenge of delivering another great entry in the Arkham series. Fans of the series are still worried that Rocksteady, the studio who developed the first two games in the series, are not making this one.

But as Troy Baker sung elegantly in his Joker voice, “Some say I am good, some say I am evil, even more so than the sith. But I suppose you’ll all find out on October 25.”

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