Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Calm Down Kid

Pennies and foul language abound in an all new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” with some soap opera stars looking for a good night out. Too bad it doesn’t exist here, ladies.

That morning Ramsay scolded the chefs on how much food they wasted. He said that all that food costs money. To show his point he made a bunch of pennies rain down onto the dining room. If you’ve ever wanted to see a few thousand pennies falling in one place, you got your wish.

Of course, all of this is due to the chefs’ lack of consistency. To help them improve on consistency was the day’s challenge. Ramsay thought them how to make a proper lobster ravioli dish and wanted ten from each team. The first to make ten won.

Anyone who has seen this show knows that there will be episodes where the Blue team takes a massive lead. This was one of those episodes. Here they had six plates before Red came back to tie it. How Blue lost whatever they were doing is a mystery. How do you go from making six straight to coming to a standstill?

Once again it was neck and neck until the Red got ten.

What a pathetic fall from first place.

While Blue spent the day picking up all the pennies the Red spent a day in a Beverly Hills mansion. Among the haughty things the Red did was have “high tea.” These women probably have no idea what high tea is.

Besides that it was steak night in “Hell’s Kitchen.” This was due to Ramsay wanting to go “back to basics.” With soap opera stars Sharon Case (“The Young and the Restless”) and Vanessa Marcil (“General Hospital”) in the dining room, along with Las Vegas star Suzanne Whang basics weren’t easy to achieve with the chefs.

Blue started out with Ralph forgetting to start his crab cakes. This was the first table, too. Their disorganized troubles continued when Mike started his ravioli before Ralph had a chance to complete his dish. He also forgot to put lobster in there. Or crab which is what Demarco thought. Same species, right? Richard later would make a cold crab cake. Ramsay flipped and said he’d throw out anyone making cold crab cakes. Ralph’s horrible ravioli caused Ramsay to send him and Richard to the dining room and eat these poorly made dishes. And no, you are not too old for this *Bleep*, Richard. Poor Gabriel tried his best by making guests happy with his tableside salad and jokes.

Red had a much better service. The only downside was Bev not putting any salt in the ravioli water. After completing their service, Ramsay told them to go into the Blue kitchen and help them. This is an all too familiar scenario on this show. Just once it would be nice to have Blue help out Red. Jason took offence to this and started arguing with the Red team.

After that service the Blue had to pick two people to be eliminated. They chose Mike and Demarco. Ramsay eliminated Mike.

The Blue team doing terrible and the Red doing awesome? Gee, it’s not like that’s new. At least Ramsay eliminated one of the weakest chefs. Now there’s Demarco to get rid of. If Jason can control his anger he can win this.

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