TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Magnus Spreads the ‘Love’

With a stacked card and plenty of drama, this week’s Impact was more than watchable.

When booked properly, TNA has a deceptively solid mid-card. Flooded with former World Champions, when guys like Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, MVP, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy are battling each other and youngsters the likes of Samuel Shaw, Ethan Carter III and Kenny King, it’s hard to screw that up.

It’s even fair to say that this week’s TNA Impact had a better pace and flow than this week’s RAW. Considering it was the last RAW before Wrestlemania and it’s easy to see that TNA had a decent showing this week.


Tag Team Tables Match: Bully Ray and Willow vs. Ethan Carter III and Bobby Roode: Ray were in control until Rockstar Spud hit the ring and caused Willow to focus his attention on him and take him to the back. With Willow out of the match, Ray still thrived until a Roode Spinebuster ended the match. After the bell, Roode hit the RoodeBomb through another table and finally a top rope Splash through a third..

Straight Jacket Match: Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson: The best part of this match was watching Anderson hit his signature offense with the straight jacket on. But before Anderson could keep the advantage, Shaw kicked Anderson in the groin and locked in his Kata Gatame and quickly locked in straight jacket for the win.

Best of Three Series for X-Division Title: Tigre Uno vs. Sanada: A decent X-Division match that saw Sanada win with a beautiful Tiger Suplex for the win.

Madison Rayne and Brittany vs. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love: Brittany was much better in this match than she was against Gail Kim a few weeks ago. Selling and hitting some offense, she didn’t look too much out of place. The Beautiful People were in control most of the match, but once Rayne got the hot tag, it was a different match. Well at least for a few seconds. Tagging in abruptly, Brittany quickly got nailed with the double-kick for the loss.

Kenny King vs. MVP: This was a counter-based affair with plenty of hot doggin’ from King. Soon enough things went from technical to physical before referee Earl Hebner threw the match out. After the bell, King got in one last cheap shop. These guys have chemistry and to see the match end like this was the low point of the night, but hopefully the beginning of something more.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss vs. Samoa Joe: After all the competitors Paired up, Joe wailed on Magnus and sent him outside. With Abyss on the outside as well, Young’s Suicide Dive gave him his first advantage. Young then got a near fall on Magnus with a nice Cross Body Block. After Abyss accidentally hit Magnus, Joe and Young began to quarrel as well. With Magnus and Young fighting in the ring, Magnus dominated as Abyss got the better go Joe on the outside. Young shined later with a double Dropkick on the top on Abyss and Magnus, but couldn’t keep the advantage for long. Once Young was out of the match for a few, Joe jumped in ad went through his signature offense. What then followed was a series of near falls following three Samoa Joe Powerslams. With his opponents down, Joe went for the Choke on Magnus, but the Champ countered with a Low Blow and Abyss followed up with a Blackhole Slam. With Magnus and Joe then outside the ring, Abyss hit Young with his finisher, but allowed Magnus hit his Top Rope Elbow for the win.

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