Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Black Jacket Time

Black jackets where awarded and rookie mistakes were abound in this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” There was yet another charity in the dining room who weren’t able to help these chefs out.

This episode started exactly where the last left off. Joy admitted that she never cooked with the ingredients in her dish. It turned out her dish was the best out of them all getting five points across the board (four from Ramsay.) That netted her a black jacket, her dish featured in December of the calendar and immunity from elimination.

As for the other chefs, they had to cook lunch for Joy and the “Hell’s Kitchen” winners. Of course, Kashia with her school girl crush on Rock said she put a little love in her food to Rock. It was nice that Rock asked if he can call Kashia love muffin. Too bad for Kashia she found out he was married after she shook his hand. Isn’t that always the case?

Oh, and Paul choked on his food. Jason enjoyed seeing that. It’s nice to see the season 10 rivalry is still going strong.

From that they went right into dinner service. This time both kitchens had to bring out food simultaneously for one VIP table. That table belonged to the charity “Oxfam.” It got better. The “Oxfam” ambassador was actress Minnie Driver. Of course, just because there was another charity in the dining room did not mean things went smoothly.

On the Blue team, the biggest problem was Gabriel. He first sent up scallops that were not even part of the order. On the VIP table he sent up overcooked scallops. Not to mention he cooked a salmon and a halibut in the same pan. He should have known by now that each fish cooks differently. The last straw came when he overcooked two salmons and then sent put up a raw one. This caused Ramsay to do something he hasn’t done in a while: send a chef home in the middle of service. Gabriel’s elimination was inevitable, but who would’ve though it would’ve been like this. The only other mistake was Melanie sending up raw chicken.

On the Red team, Scott was holding the kitchen back. Scott put three halibuts in the oven when only two were called. He would then burn a salmon that was ordered by Minnie Driver. He burned a huge VIP’s food! That’s about as low as anyone can get. The only other mistake was Kashia slicing a chicken improperly.

Minnie Driver said it best, “I would rather eat Gordon’s food than be in the kitchen with him. I know how I feel making dinner for eight friends. The horror of it and how much I drink. I drink heavily when I cook and they can’t even do that.” Perfectly said, Ms. Driver.

Both kitchens had to choose one person for elimination. The Red chose Scott and the Blue chose Jason. Ramsay also wanted to see Melanie. After some fake outs Ramsay gave the remaining six chefs black jackets.

Gabriel finally got eliminated. He just kept on making mistake after mistake until; finally, Ramsay threw him out. Now that it’s time for black jackets things will start getting extremely interesting. We will also see who really is leader material and who needs to hold to other people.

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