Edgar Allan Poe’s Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue Review: Half-Way There

It is starting to seem like Edgar Allan Poe is whispering into Richard Corben’s ear to make a comic based off of every one of his tales. Of course, Corben continues to oblige in “Edgar Allan Poe’s Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue.”

Corben and Poe’s charm are there, but only half of the comic is worth reading.

The first comic is “Morella,” a story about Myron who has a love/hate relationship with his wife Morella. Morella comes up with a plan where she kills herself and has Myron take care of his estranged daughter Orella. Morella tells Myron that he must remember the daughter’s name is Orella.

This is one of Poe’s weakest tales. Today, we know how a story like this will play out scene by scene. So when the big reveal happens it’s not all the revealing. Corben tries his best to bring some likability to this tale, but he failed. On top of that, the big reveal is even more obvious as it requires a visual- in a visual medium like a comic, it makes the reveal’s impact less so. It was a good effort on Corben, anyway.

“Murders in the Rue Morgue” is about a shut-in named Dupin and his unnamed friend who is the narrator in the tale who investigate the double murder of Madame L’Espanaye and her daughter in a fictional Paris street called “Rue Morgue.” The biggest clue as to who did was that nobody was able to understand what the murder was saying. Dubin has a very clear idea of who did it.

This is a much stronger tale than “Morella.” This is a story that shows off Poe’s strengths. This is a murder mystery with unremarkable characters and a crazy, out of nowhere twist ending. Corbin manages to do justice to this tale down to the most gruesome detail.

Of course, Mag the Hag is back. He’s given a bigger role in “Morella” as a friend/butler/whatever to Morella. Again, he’s given very little to do and is as useless as ever. Nice try, Corben. You may shove that character in the reader’s face a million times and you won’t make anyone like him even more.

“Edgar Allan Poe’s Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue” may have one underwhelming story, but the other is more than enough to warrant a purchase. It is almost as if Corben is being possessed by Poe to make these comics and that’s a great thing to all.

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