WWE RAW Power Rankings: On the Road to Survivor Series

WWE managed to make a solid comeback following a sloppy Hell in Cell, setting up the next stage of storyline progression for Survivor Series with meaningful segments and the beginning of a few feuds that could ultimately be memorable ones.

Check out this week’s RAW Power Rankings to see who took the ball and ran with it following a mediocre Hell in a Cell Pay Per View.

Honorable Mention: Mark Henry: Three World’s Strongest Slams on Big Show was a pretty awesome way for Henry to let the world know he’s still got some fire left. How this affects his role on the card is anyone’s guess, but for the time being, a showdown between Henry and Show seems like a definite possibility and one that will be an old-school brawl.

5: Ryback: The fans were surprisingly happy to see him back and he made quick work of Bo Dallas. In better shape physically than he was before, he has potential if he learns to sell and develops some tip of stamina, but with a stacked mid-card, his chances at legitimate success are still limited.

4: Dean Ambrose: A match between Bray Wyatt and Ambrose is too goddamn cool to ignore. Even though the finish for Hell in a Cell eliminated any resolution between Ambrose and Seth Rollins, it could lead into some intriguing ground.

3: Randy Orton: His RKO on Seth Rollins to start this week’s Monday Night RAW was one of the best intros for the show in months. Cutting solid promo and showing an intensity that has eluded him over the past few months, “The Viper” may have found some newfound passion in his new role as Rollins’ worst nightmare.

2: Seth Rollins: Although he continues to be on the wrong side of the ass-beating log, Rollins continues to be a formidable heel and someone who works his heart out in the ring. With a great finisher and an ability to make his opponents look stronger than they are, Rollins has long-term potential the WWE can’t ignore.

1: John Cena: His promo to start the second hour of this week’s Monday Night RAW was an energized one that Cena needed. Fresh off his win over Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, Cena has an uphill battle ahead of himself if he’s going to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar. With Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s offer to Cena to join the Authority as well, there will be plenty of intrigue over the next few weeks as he prepares for the biggest match of his career and one that will play a huge part in defining his legacy.

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