Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Puppy City

It’s the first ever, “Hell’s Kitchen Best in Show” as the chefs had to deal with dogs in an all new episode. Nothing but pure breeds in the dining room here.

The episode began right where the last one left off. Ramsay asked Frank to step forward and told him he was now on the Red Team. He also put Sade on the Blue. This may be the first time on the show where the Red may be nothing but men.

The next day the chefs once again were told to go outside. Ramsay told them that the next dinner service will have VIPs dining. Up pulled a limo and of course everyone had their ideas of who it was. Sterling thought it was President Obama. Three dogs came out instead. The VIPs this episode were members of the “American Kennel Club.” Yup, “Hell’s Kitchen” has literally gone to the dogs.

For their challenge that day each team had to come up with a tasting menu and the best dishes would be featured at dinner service. The team with the most chosen dishes won. Sade had the wrong idea and thought she was cooking for the dogs. Why would Ramsay tell them to cook for dogs? Ramsay even said Sade’s dish looked like “a dog *bleep* all over my plate.”

To help judge the dishes were Douglas Keane from “Green Dog Rescue Project” and chef/owner of “Fritzi Dog” Neal Fraser. The winning dishes were Sterling’s crab cake, Fernando’s prawn dish, Jennifer’s Chilean sea bass, Bryant’s pork chop and Frank’s duck which meant 3-2 to the Red.

The Red’s reward was a trip to “Sea World San Diego” and lunch at “Searsucker.” Frank was blown away by a dog pulling up a weight. He obviously does not know that “weight” weighs almost nothing.

The Blue spent the day setting up the dining room and grooming dogs. We also got a lesson in weights from Aaron. He obviously had to no idea what he was talking about.

At dinner service Ramsay told them that the dog show relied heavily on when dishes came out, even saying the winner would not be announced until all entrees were brought out. Dinner service went better than expected.

In the Red Frank was very slow to put up Caesar salads. When it came down to the last appetizers Frank made two salads different sizes. It’s amazing that he took that long to make salads. Also, Sterling was lost during entrees. He shouldn’t be at this point. He also overcooked one of his pork chops. This was after La Tasha helped him out. The Red collapsed when it was time for the dog judges to announce the winner. Overcooked pork, bland cauliflower and overcooked salmon.

In the Blue Fernando started seasoning scallops well before he was supposed to. His excuse was he “forgot.” They did put up all of their apps in time and Ramsay said “that was the best 40 minutes we have ever done.” That went downhill when the communication between Santos and Steve collapsed. Santos even put up oily garnish when the dog judges were ready to announce the winner.

Both teams managed to complete dinner service. For the curious, the Portuguese water dog won best in show. The Blue also won that night. The Red chose Frank and Sterling, but Ramsay decided to not eliminate anyone.

Ramsay’s decision was a good one. Yes, both Frank and Sterling did poorly, but not poorly enough to leave. This was by far their best service despite being slow when they had to complete dishes. Also, the dogs were pretty damn cute.

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