WWE RAW Power Rankings: A Waste of Living Legends’ Time

A weak card and wasted opportunities with several legends appearing, this week’s episode of RAW did nothing to build any momentum for the Royal Rumble. As a matter of fact, the show was such a slowly-paced mess that it was a test of patience to sit through the entire show.

If anything it did more for Wrestlemania, as the thought of a Sting/HHH encounter seems more likely than ever now.

Check out this week’s RAW Power Rankings to see who did their part in a losing effort on a weak episode of RAW.

Moment of the Night: Away from Sting’s appearance that saved the show, Billy Gunn’s Tilt-a-Whirl Slam on The Ascension’s Viktor was something out of a video game. The Bad Ass has still got it. The same goes for JBL, who also managed to nail Konnor with a Beautiful Clothesline From Hell.

Honorable Mention: The Big Show: His segment with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels was easily one of the most entertaining moments of the show. Although he is not even close to half the worker he used to be, Show continues to be a guy that can be depended on to put people over, convincingly.

5: Roman Reigns: One of the top young faces in the WWE today, he’s definitely one of the top choices to win this weekend’s Royal Rumble.

4: Daniel Bryan: We’ve seen Bryan get screwed over by The Authority and it looks like WWE Creative wants to go back to the same old song. If it feels a lot like early 2014, that’s the exact way Bryan is being booked. Ready to finish off Bray Wyatt on RAW this week, Bryan was the victim of interference from Kane that eventually cost him his match. Healthy and ready to reclaim his throne, it appears Bryan has a longer journey ahead of him than anyone thinks.

3: John Cena: The Authority continues to say he’s past his prime, but Cena has proven time and time again that he’s anything but. If not for the double-dealings and nonsense from The Authority, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback would have had their jobs back two weeks ago. As the mind games continue between The Authority and Cena, expect the worst from the heels to not let up, forcing Cena to tap into a place he hasn’t felt in years. When that happens, Cena will have a career resurgence both he and the WWE have needed from him for the past year. Thanks to some help from Sting, things were a little easier for the leader of the Cenation.

2: Brock Lesnar: He was pissed at the start of this week’s episode of RAW and didn’t his “situation” with Seth Rollins fixed until the end of the show, kind-of. More the victim of weak writing than a poor performance, expect Lesnar to turn in an awesome one at Royal Rumble. If this week’s RAW has proven anything, it’s that The Authority’s games are no match for Lesnar’s strength.

1: Seth Rollins: Although he fumbled his promo at the start of the show, Rollins is still the hottest heel in the company. In need of a career-defining moment, Rollins isn’t quite up to the task of holding the WWE World Heavyweight title, yet- especially with no prior title reigns in any other singles division in the WWE. But continuing to get under the skin of John Cena and Brock Lesnar on a weekly basis, Rollins is primed to make more noise than he ever has before.

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