‘Technobabylon’ First Look: Retro Cyberpunk

Wadjet Eye’s latest entry into the online gaming world, “Technobabylon,” is a SNES throwback with modern day thematics. Set in the year 2087, the world has become centered around genetic engineering, AI, and next level cyberspace (known as “Trance.”) A seemingly simplistic point and click problem-solving game, it has a very intriguing sci-fi storyline reminiscent of William Gibson’s classic novel “Neuromancer.” The point and click gameplay allows it to be very easy to pick up and play, while the nostalgic SNES JRPG graphics style hooks you to let the story pull you in.

The game’s strong suit at first glance actually appears to be its dialogue. Filled with both witty banter and tense exchanges, it will leave you both giggling and pondering. The game’s problem-solving nature works well with the main protagonists themselves being detectives, as it makes it feel more natural to need to thoroughly explore your environment and investigate everything (as opposed to breezing by the background like in most games.)

With dark mood and deliciously retro graphics and playstyle, “Technobabylon” promises to be a neat addition to your Steam library. While it has a rather steep learning curve, old fans of classic point and click games will rapidly adapt to it and have a blast. Hopefully the fun factor keeps up with the challenge factor.

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