From Dusk ‘Till Dawn: The Series Season 2 Pilot Review: Almost There

“From Dust ‘Till Dawn” is considered to be one of Robert Rodriquez’s best worst. With Quentin Tarantino writing the screenplay, it was a perfect match. In 2014, El Ray Network aired a TV series based on the world with some success. With the first episode of season 2 recently aired El Ray hopes to continue the trend. The first episode is a decent start to the new season.

In this episode, Santánico and Richie are investigating a meat packing facility outside Houston that is run by a Mexican drug cartel. Meanwhile, Seth and Kate are just barely getting by in Mexico by doing all sorts of illegal activity. What they don’t know is that all of this will culminate into a battle too big for all of them.

If you’re expecting the crazy, gory visuals from the movie watch the movie again. This series is more along the lines of a detective drama with vampires than horror. With that in mind, this show does the whole detective drama decently. There is a sense of mystery here, but the climax of the episode just feels underwhelming.

The special effects are top notch for a TV show. They are on par with that of the first movie. However, there are a few times where the special effects look cheap. One of those times is when a vampire is carrying a giant piece of beef in the meat packing facility. The beef looks like it’s obviously made out of rubber.

There are two positive points on this season. Firstly, the acting is superb. The best out of everyone is Eiza González who plays Santánico. She brings a lot to her role with a ton of vigor and a no-nonsense attitude. Seeing as how this role is supposed to be a sexy vampire with an attitude, González sure brings that side out. The other positive is one of the best things from the first movie, Danny Trejo, makes his debut in this episode. Anyone who knows anything about Trejo knows that he is a ton of fun to watch.

“From Dusk ‘Till Dawn: The Series Season 2 Episode 1” has some potential to be a great season, but right now it’s average. The acting, some of the special effects and Danny Trejo are what to expect from this season. Especially Danny Trejo. The major problem is this show appears on a network few people have. Good thing the episodes do appear on Netflix.

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