Review Fix Exclusive: Sinead Daly Talks ‘Painting His Wings’

Review Fix chats with Television writer, Sinead Daly (current associate producer and writer, The Get Down (Netflix, Baz Luhrmann) and CBS’ Blue Bloods) who discusses her new production, “PAINTING HIS WINGS,” which  makes its New York theatre debut as part of the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival.

The play is produced by Making It Happen Productions and is directed by Heather Lanza, the play’s original director from its premiere at the 2013 Berkshire Fringe. The cast features Ciaran Byrne, Schuyler Press, and Alison Scaramells, and Jake Davis (Tip in Boardwalk Empire).

PAINTING HIS WINGS will perform at:
The Kraine Theater, 85 E 4th Street, New York City on 
Saturday, August 15th at 2:15pm
Monday, August 17th at 4:45pm
Thursday, August 20th at 7:00pm
Sunday, August 23rd at 5:30pm
Tuesday, August 25th @ 8:00pm

Painting His Wings marks Making It Happen’s fifth production, which have included world premiere plays at festivals and theaters across the east coast including Theater for a New Audience’s Dream Up Festival, Planet Connections Festival, Manhattan Repertory Theater, and The Berkshire Fringe Festival.

Painting His Wings marks Daly’s second play produced at the New York International Fringe Festival.

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this production?

Sinead Daly: I began the play a few years ago under the mentorship of the great Deb Margolin (if you don’t know her work, you better change that!) My family had just experienced a loss much like that of the Whelan family in the play. It came out of nowhere and each member of my family took to coping with grief in our own unique way. Writing the beginnings of this play became my own way of processing it all, as well as trying to understand how the other members of my family were coping.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Daly: Honestly, it varies project to project. I have a list of coffee shops I write in depending on what kind of mood I need for the piece. I am currently very much enjoying The Bean on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg as they blast 90s tunes and I am working on a project that has a lot of young characters, so it puts me back in the right headspace. Every once in a while I need complete silence– then you can usually find me writing in my bed.

Review Fix: What makes you different from other playwrights?

Daly: I feel like every playwright is different, no? Everyone’s got different stories to tell, something different to say. I’m a born and bred Brooklyn gal with Irish duel citizenship and have lived in Paris, Hong Kong, and mainland China. I studied theater, art history, psychology, and astrophysics among other things in college. I have worked at the Brooklyn DA’s office in the Homicide Bureau, at a nature day camp, and as a swim coach. I often sit on the subway with my headphones on but no sound in them just listening to people’s conversations. I’m going to stop as I now sound like I’m making a dating app profile.

Review Fix: What makes this production special?

Daly: I’ve been focused so much on the TV world these days that it is very exciting to me to be back in the theater realm. Heather and I first worked together on my first FringeNYC show ever (that was also my NYC debut in 2010) and it is thrilling to be working together again in the same festival.

Review Fix: How is your cast unique?

Daly: I adore this cast. They are all so hard working and magical. This is Ali’s third production she’s done of my work (second of this show!) and it is lovely to work with her again. She has a strength in her that just cuts right through to your soul. Ciaran and I just worked together on TNT’s Public Morals and I am honored to have him in my play– his warmth and generosity as a performer is contagious. And Jake and Schuyler, holy cow, they are rockstars. (PS Public Morals premieres on the 25th, everyone make sure to check it out, Ciaran’s baller in it!)

Review Fix: How does it feel to be a part of this festival?

Daly: My love affair with FringeNYC started in 2010 when I had a one-act play of mine go up at the Cherry Lane. It was my first play to go up in the city (that wasn’t done at my high school back in the day) and I had a wonderful experience. I’ve since seen so many incredible productions come out of this festival, and it is a true honor to be back in it with Painting His Wings.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the production?

Daly: I am so stoked to see this play on its feet again. It means so much to me, and I cannot wait to share it with my city. Who knows where it will go from there!

Review Fix: Who do you think will enjoy it the most?

Daly: It is a delicate play, an intimate play where you really become a member of the Whelan family. I wrote this play for anyone who has experienced the loss of someone they took for granted would be there for years to come. I wrote this play for anyone who has, like me, struggled to know what to do in grief, and who couldn’t help but try to process that loss over and over again. I wrote this play for those who wonder how to move on, how to rebuild after that loss.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Daly: Too much! We are mid-production for season 1 of The Get Down for Netflix, so that takes up most of my time, and I am also in the early stages of an exciting new project with InProximity Theatre Company.

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