Mirror’s Edge: Exordium #1 Review: A Solid Tease

“Mirror’s Edge” is a video game that has got a ton of praise and sold well despite not being well known to most gamers. With a much anticipated sequel coming up, “EA” has partnered with “Dark Horse” to make a comic to whet the appetite of fans called “Mirror’s Edge: Exordium,” a comic that will leave fans with mixed feelings.

Taking place before the events of the upcoming “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” (meaning this comic is a prequel to a prequel) we see a young Faith getting involved with mob boss Dogen after she led a Krugersec patrol toward them. It is here that Faith learns an awful truth about her past that makes this bad decision more like a fateful encounter.

The story feels close to what fans remember from the first game. In this seemingly utopian society, there are people going against the grain. Faith’s faction going up against an organization that feels better than what they can handle is as satisfying as it was in the first game.

The problem the story is Faith’s personality. In the game, Faith feels like she’s confident in herself despite a tragic past. Even when tragedy strikes in the game, she goes forward with a determination that makes her likable. Here she comes off like the typical angry, overconfident youth who is ready to tell people off in a heartbeat. “Exordium” may be a prequel which means her personality develops as she ages, but this type of character archetype has been done to death.

One reason is that this story is written by Christopher Emgård instead of Rhianna Pratchett who wrote the story to the first game and it shows. Being the daughter of Terry Pratchett has left its mark of Rhianna where female characters are a lot stronger and well rounded than most male leads. It feels like Emgård wanted to go the safe route with Faith.

The artwork by Mattias Häggström and Robert Sammelin does look close to the game, but not as pretty. Yes, video games and comics are completely different mediums, but a comic can be made to look pretty. The game is absolutely gorgeous while the comic looks bland. The character designs are there and look nice, but it’s not pretty.

“Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” is a great lead to an anticipated game with a great and art despite not looking as pretty as the game and Faith coming off as an overused cliché.

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