Review Fix Exclusive: Quentin Brent Talks ‘The Reason’

Review Fix chats with author Quentin Brent, who discusses his new book, “The Reason,” a financial /action thriller that blends Brent’s years of experience as an MMA fighter and an executive in the banking industry.

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Review Fix: What inspired this book?

Quentin Brent: Our need to understand the reason behind people’s actions so we can understand them better. Also our Federal Reserve has placed us upon a path that may end in financial disaster. My MMA background taught me that violence does regrettably play a role in our society and in correcting its ills, and in teaching character.

Review Fix: What makes your writing style different?

Brent: Minimalist style that is direct, hard hitting and to the point.

Review Fix: What influences your writing style the most?

Brent: The need to tell the story without unnecessary descriptions and dialogue that does not pertain to the message.

Review Fix: What have you learned about yourself through the writing of this book?

Brent: I have a tremendous amount of story that is dying to come out.

Review Fix: Who do you think will enjoy this book the most?

Brent: Fight fans, people who care about our economy and our country and anybody who loves a good story with twists and turns.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why should someone read this?

Brent: It is a good fun read that will also raise several questions in the readers mind. Such as, what is our Federal Reserve really doing and controlling?  Why do people do what they do, good and bad? Maybe Mom was wrong? Fighting does solve problems.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Brent: THE TRUTH, which is the next installment after THE REASON, in a trilogy that explores our economy and what may be coming next and what we can all do about it, in the form of a fictional story that while fun to read is not that far from the truth.

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